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  • Junk food can make you fat, sluggish, and fatigued
    Junk food can make you fat, sluggish, and fatigued
    Being sedentary increases the risk of being overweight; however, a new UCLA study has found that eating junk food makes you lethargic and fat. The study is currently available online and is scheduled for publication in the April 10 print edition...
  • Walk MS
    Pediatric multiple sclerosis (MS)
    According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS typically occurs in adults; but estimates suggest that 8,000-10,000 children have a MS diagnosis in the United States, and 10,000-15,000 have had at least one symptom suggestive of MS.Some...
  • Exhausted and Depressed
    Too depressed to do anything at all?
    I suffered from Clinical Depression as a teenager.People think Depression equals plain old sadness (just lots of it) but that's not always the case.For me, Depression manifested itself as an intense tiredness that I couldn't seem to shake...
  • Chipotle Shrimp Tacos
    Overcoming lethargy, part 2: Lifestyle what?
    In part one, it was discussed that sugary drinks and magic pills are not going to cure lethargy (just postpone it). Part two of overcoming lethargy looks a little more at the life style we lead. Sometimes, changing a lifestyle habit can result in...
  • Supplements
    Overcoming lethargy, part 1: Un-magic bullets
    I could go out for a [run] [lift] [skate] but [I just drank coffee] [it looks like it will rain] [I just don't feel like it].Sometimes, motivation runs low. Regardless of the intensity of your training program, the gloom of the day or...
  • Mosquitos/Heartworms/Your Pet
    Mosquitos, heartworms and your pet
    Spring 2012 is in full swing with the flowers blooming and with temperatures starting to rise warming up the atmosphere.Along with spring and the hot temperatures of the sun the mosquito insect population begins to flourish.One of the worst...
  • Depression
    Signs of depression - part 1
    Who among us hasn't felt down or low every now and then? But does that mean those are times when we are depressed? Or is it that we're just experiencing the regular ups and downs that life throws at us? Depression - clinical depression...
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