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  • One camera and one lens can get great shots
    One camera and one lens can get great shots
    have been asked many times in my life why I had so many cameras and lenses. The answer was pretty simple back in the day of film. You needed one camera set one way and a second camera set the other. That could be as simple as one with color and...
  • REflective Lens
    Retro reflective lens protect your eyes in a rebel way.
    Above normal eye wear lens worn on the urban bike rider in the early afternoon on the sunny side distinguishes alternatives in traditions. This so special lens has been on and off of the market for the past decade. Wonder no more. The...
  • Accessories having accessories
    cameras are the perfect tool to use if interested in the creative arts field
    Around the world cameras are used every day from the most over simple form of creative activity. Wether if you like still photos or motion pictures, a camera is more productive than a video game toy, any day. The most abundant thing, is when your...
  • Google glass
    Google Glass for prescription lenses
    Glass, the next big innovation in mobile computing has been highly anticipated since Google began showing the devices off last year. Its been much speculated about and many are wondering if it is really the next breakthrough or if it will be a...
  • olloclip on iPhone
    olloclip announced for the iPhone 5. Shipping later this month!
    Over the past several years, the iPhone has become a staple accessory in a large amount of the world's population. As the device dominated the marketed, it transformed from being a phone to a smart device replacing several other gadgets, one...
  • iPro Lens System
    iPro - shoot like a pro on your iPhone!
    In the last few years, we've seen many devices being replaced by iPhones: GPS devices, planners, and even cameras. The built-in camera is advanced on its own, but now, you can get an iPro Lens System to add detachable lenses to your iPhone! I...
  • Lake View
    Using Gradient Filters for Creative Images
    When it comes to photography and filters most people usually only know about 1 kind of filter. Lens cap style filters that screw into your lens. These are widely popular throughout the photography community because of their ease of use and their...
  • A Review of the Kogeto DOT iPhone Lens
    A Review of the Kogeto DOT iPhone Lens
    Zev Mo Green and I really like the Kogeto Dot. Kogeto is a small NYC-based company, which makes Dot for the iPhone 4 and 4s. Dot is a lens attachment that snaps onto the phone. The attachment allows you to shoot 360° panoramic videos.I was at...
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