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  • Vladimir Putin:: The Polished Politician
    Vladimir Putin: The Polished Politician
    Vladimir Putin was born October 7, 1952 in the city of Leningrad, Russia. He was born into humble surroundings but his Grandfather at one time did work for the Lenin's. He has been called a man of mystery since very little information of his...
  • A Bright Room Called Day
    A Kushner Kaffeeklatsch
    It’s got singing and dancing and choreographed stomping by the ensemble, but it isn’t a musical. And it isn’t much of a play, either. It’s a new production of Tony Kushner’s 1985 polemic about the despotic politics of...
  • Lenin  is the world's most famous revolutionary.
    Don’t be a "Useful Idiot"--that’s every American’s first duty
    Lenin supposedly coined the phrase “useful idiot.” One of his final speeches contains this practical observation: “A good Communist finds use for everything, and nothing is more useful than a useful idiot.”This famous quote...
  • DNC Convention
    DNC Conventioneers hold up Marxist slogan for the world to see
    As I watched the DNC Convention, hundreds, if not thousands of thrilled supporters in the audience watched Obama speak while waiving posters in front of them with the slogan, “Forward”, on it. I wondered how many in the audience knew...
  • Earth Day: Lenin's birthday
    Earth Day: Lenin's birthday
    Earth Day is an annual observance, held on April 22, to increase public awareness of environmental issues. Each year on Earth Day, millions of people throughout the world gather to clean up litter, to protest threats to the environment, and to...
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