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Spa & Beauty

    What Is The Best Eyelash Enhancer For Women In 2014
    What Eyelash Growth Serum Works?If you’re not satisfied with your thin eyelashes, you’re not alone. The majority of women are not genetically gifted with thick and attractive eyelashes. The good news is that there are now products that...
  • Top 7 foundations for acne-prone skin
    Top 7 foundations for acne-prone skin
    If you’ve ever suffered from acne, you know how it can wreak havoc on your self-esteem. Whether it’s a couple of pimples before a special event like prom or a wedding or persistent breakouts that cover entire sections of your face, it...
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    How to make your own hyaluronic acid serum
    Whether you're financially strapped or just want to control what goes into your skincare the DIY method is always best in my book. You can spend upwards of $40-$60 on a cream or serum containing vitamin C or hyaluronic acid. If you think you...

Bars & Clubs

  • Scott Griffin and LA Guns
    An interview with Scott Griffin formerly of LA Guns
    Scott Griffin is a musician who is best known for having been the bass player for the hard rock, heavy metal band, LA Guns. The Guns came together in the 1980's on Sunset Strip during the glam metal scene. Guns n Roses once featured three of...
  • Bar 355
    Best Downtown Bar Series: Bar Three Fifty Five
    Best Location for Extended Happy HourFor those of us who don’t have a prompt 5pm quitting time at work, making it to any bar before happy hour ends becomes a tricky game. This is where Bar Three Fifty-Five comes to play. This off-the-beaten...
  • What is the meaning of this censorship?
    Instagram's failed censorship attempt creates uproar in the artists' community
    Instagram, a mobile phone/notepad based photographic community, is the home to millions of users. The Instagram (aka "IG") format somewhat bridges the gap between social networking platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, by allowing...