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  • Regional styles: Going international
    Regional styles: Going international
    Some of America’s new regional favorites are international cuisine: Cooking shows, magazines, social media, cookbooks and popular restaurants abound with dishes offering a wider expansion of Asian food (particularly Korean cuisine), regional...
  • Cooking with kids 101: Some ways to make cooking fun for kids
    Cooking with kids 101: Some ways to make cooking fun for kids
    Cooking with your children is a wonderful way to bond with them but -- like anything -- they're not going to want to do it unless you make it fun. With that in mind, here's some ways to make it enjoyable.One way to make it fun is to use...
  • Chocolate martinis on national milk chocolate day
    National Milk Chocolate Day: Recipes with milk chocolate
    Milk chocolate fans unite: July 28 is national milk chocolate day. Imagine, all the ways one can spend 24 hours entirely dedicated to this wonderful, tasty concoction!In the US, milk chocolate must contain a 10% concentration of chocolate liquor ...


  • Seven road trip essentials
    Seven summer road trip essentials
    Something about the long days and warm nights of summer excites the adventurous senses. And nothing quenches that thirst quite like gassing up your car for a road trip.Hit a local beach with the kids before school starts or grab the boyfriend for...
  • Marketplace food booths at 2015 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival
    2015 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival: Menus for Marketplace kiosks
    The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, Walt Disney World’s fall food event, will be 20 years old this fall. One of Epcot Food & Wine signature offerings is its Marketplace kiosks, those booths that stands sell small bites and...
  • The Sorrel-Weed House, Savannah, GA
    Visit Historical Savannah for the weekend
    The historical city of Savannah is something you should not miss if you live in Atlanta. It makes for a fantastic weekend getaway. Rich in history the city of Savannah is known as Georgia’s first city, it was founded in 1733.I am not a...

Spa & Beauty

  • Spa-goers with retesting spa reviving
    Spa-goers with retesting spa reviving
    Begin the summer with a warm spa-bath. Start withtwo lemons that are citrus ripe and squeeze with pulp in a tall spa decorativeglass bottle. Let set at room temperature for ten minutes. Start a warm bath, and add 1/2 the bottle to the spa warm...
  • Hairstylist relationships, BoHo chic, tress trends, cellophane wraps
    Hairstylist relationships, BoHo chic, tress trends, cellophane wraps
    Tammy Kranzo carefully applies the special color to my hair chatting the way hairstylists do with women who have their clients for nearly two decades. We talk about Hawaii, which we both love, her trips to Cape Cod and the big score, tickets to...
  • Taking a Peak(s)
    Telluride Ski & Golf takes over management of Peaks Resort and Spa
    Telluride Ski & Golf has closed a deal with Peaks Capital Partners to take over the Peaks Resort and Spa ( The Peaks Resort and Spa is a ski-in/ski-out, full service hotel located adjacent to the Telluride Ski &...

Bars & Clubs

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