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  • Raisin bars are so easy to make and they will satisfy your craving for something sweet
    Raisin bar cookies
    Plump juicy raisins in a moist cookie bar are so delicious, they make the perfect snack or treat. Once you get the ingredients mixed and into the oven, the delightful smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves scents the air and it is hard to wait for...
  • Easy no-bake cookies that are so simple to make
    No-bake chocolate cookies to satisfy any chocolate craving
    My daughter has been pestering me for no-bake cookies and I could never find my recipe, until now. The recipe book is old, stained and the front and back cover has disappeared because it was used so much.This recipe of no-bake chocolate cookies is...
  • Nancy Fuller
    ‘Farmhouse Rules’ enjoys a ‘Farmer’s Feast’ on Food Network
    Today’s episode of “Farmhouse Rules,” was titled, “Farmer’s Feast” starring Nancy Fuller. The recipes Nancy makes are called rules, hence the name, that was handed down for generations of her farm family using...


  • World Food Championships: Ease of airline travel, sliders, and timeshare living
    World Food Championships: Ease of airline travel, sliders, and timeshare living
    When flying cross-country out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), it is best to book the first flight out. Yes, it means waking up pretty much in the middle of the night to get to the airport. But you’ll be happy when you arrive at...
  • Eternal Springs Spa, Omni Bedford Springs Resort
    Spas of Pennsylvania
    One of the 13 original colonies, Pennsylvania offers diverse terrain and a rich history. It's also has a growing reputation for spa, wellness and relaxation. The Spas of Pennsylvania offer some of the leading spa and wellness experiences in...
  • Windshield shatters on American Airlines jet forces emergency landing
    Windshield shatters on American Airlines jet to JFK forces emergency landing
    What else can happen in flight? In the past few months there have been too many problems on airlines from suspicious behavior by passengers to bomb threats and worse (crashes) and the latest happened today Nov. 28 to an American Airlines jet from...

Spa & Beauty

  • Matrix Style Link Perfect Style Fixer Finishing Hairspray
    Review: Matrix Style Link Perfect Style Fixer finishing hairspray
    Typically, using some type of hairspray is a must, especially on days when the weather isn't so great. The key to keep your style in place isn't to use just any hairspray, but one that actually works. Some of the signs of a good hairspray...
  • C. Booth Ginger Sugar Body Scrub
    Review: C. Booth Ginger Sugar body scrub
    A really good body scrub can be a wonderful thing, especially during constantly changing weather conditions (or harsh weather conditions) that can wreak havoc on your skin. That's when using products, such as the C. Booth Ginger Sugar Body...
  • 100% Pure Cyber Monday sale
    10 beauty deals for $10 from 100% Pure
    100% Pure, a toxic and cruelty-free skin, makeup and hair care line, is celebrating Cyber Monday early by offering 10 products for $10 each and free shipping. If you're on the market for a soothing cleanser for sensitive skin, look no further...

Bars & Clubs

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