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  • Cooking with kids: cherry blackberry yogurt pops
    Cooking with kids: cherry blackberry yogurt pops
    Today’s featured recipe was meant for days like today - 85° and very little breeze. These cherry blackberry yogurt pops would have been great to come home to after my granddaughter, Alexis, and I returned from 75 minutes at KidZone, a...
  • Raw Broccoli Salad
    Recipes for diabetics: raw broccoli salad
    While I was working as an administrator for Suffolk Public Schools, I referred to the time from the end of Spring Break to the end of school year as M-E-G time – meet, eat and greet – due to the number of banquets we had to attend.One...
  • Microwave peanut butter fudge
    Cooking with kids: microwave peanut butter fudge
    My six-year-old granddaughter, Alexis, likes to help out in the kitchen so I’ve been scouting some recipes she and I could cook together. is a great place for folks to find just the kind of recipes that are quick and easy...


Spa & Beauty

  • 6 Steps to get your skin and body ready for beach and bikini season
    6 Steps to get your skin and body ready for beach and bikini season
    At this time of the year the pressure is on to get the skin and the body ready for swimsuit season. If you feel that you are not as fit and polished for the summer season as you were six months ago, you are not alone. Many of us gain a little...
  • Top 8 Easy Ways to Take Years Off of Your Appearance
    Top 8 easy ways to take years off of your appearance
    Many people want to look young and attractive for as long as they can. Maintaining a youthful appearance is not only good for your health it's also good for your esteem. Here are 10 easy and inexpensive ways to take years off of your...
  • Whats Hot in Hair Now
    What's hot in long hairstyles 2015
    Spring is here its 2015 and its time to think about your hair. If you are still supporting hair that is super long hair past a certain age you will look dated and old. That certain age is forty and up. If you have no layers and your hair has no...

Bars & Clubs

  • The Como Dockside
    Lake Como's Gem To Shine Even Brighter
    The sun shines, cut into pieces by the trees that line the shores of Lake Como. Children are laughing and playing, scattering pigeons and weaving through couples young and old that stroll hand in hand. Joggers check their pulse and take the next...
  • armada named sound, starchildren
    Armada Named Sound - "Starchildren" Review
    Come on an arpeggiated space voyage with Maus and Andromeda S, the two producers who together make Armada Named Sound. In a recent press release, they said that “their masterplan is to engage the world in an audiovisual conversation and take...
  • Memorial Day weekend, let's do live music by Amy Nachbar
    Memorial Day weekend, let's do live music by Amy Nachbar
    It's a long weekend, three nights of music in Boston. Lot's to do, where are you going?Let's go to the beach, Salisbury that is, at the Carousel Lounge, 27 Ocean Front S. on Friday, May 22, where there will be three bands and the...
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