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  • Architecture Ideas: Fascinating Two Plex
    Real-Estate agents often overlook this one thing
    What sets some realtors apart from others is the follow up. This is what makes a good realtor. Too many agents move on to the next client and forget referrals are the best way to generate new prospects.This means more than getting your last buyer...
  • Building Business Relationships
    Build Your Business One Relationship at a Time
    Your business is comprised of people and these business relationships that are formed are directly related to your success. It may be common sense, but a majority of business owners don’t capitalize on this philosophy. Zig Ziglar said it...
  • Proper Slip Lead and Leash Usage
    Proper Slip Lead and Leash Usage
    There are a few things that dog owners need to understand about leash training, especially when using a slip lead, what is also known as a ‘choke collar.’ Besides the name, there is no reason for a dog to choke while on leash. Signs of...
  • fifty shades backlash
    'Fifty Shades of Grey' fan backlash: Were these actors right choice for leads?
    Avid "Fifty Shades of Grey" fans are taking to social media like Twitter today, to air their anger over the casting choices for the lead characters to portray Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of the erotic...
  • 'The race for leads'
    'Where online leads come from, part 1'
    It’s inevitable - where there are no leads, there can be no sales. Inbound marketing giant Hubspot probed a little bit deeper, to uncover which online channels have been most fruitful for businesses. Different forms of business have found...
  • New free app optimizes ROI for trade show marketing
    New free app optimizes ROI for trade show marketing is a free app for trade show organizers to offer their participants. From gathering and organizing sales leads, exhibit booth events, and attendee networking -- Bloodhound is the way everyone can connect and optimize the experience...
  • Lead Generation
    Want More Clients? 3 L’s for Business Explosion
    As women in business, we know all too well that new customers don’t just fall into our laps; we must create a stellar plan for them to land there. Simply, the art of marketing is paramount to your overall success. So what does it take? Here...
  • Become an alliance with another company for sharing referrals
    Become an alliance with another company for sharing referrals
    For many business owners, it doesn’t always have to cost money when it comes to marketing your business.Another way to obtain new clients is to become an alliance with another company for sharing referrals.“An alliance is the act of...
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