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  • Excitement at Tomorrowworld Music Festival in Georgia
    Use of Technology Amplifies Music Festival Experience
    The rise in technology development has reshaped society. People have done a number of things that has enabled society to prosper and by thinking outside the box, innovators continue to better the lives of people all over the world, thus...
  • Fort Edward head coach Jason Thomas
    Four girls' basketball teams garner Section II titles
    Averill Park, Tamarac, Hoosic Valley and Fort Edward were all crowned Section II (Capital District Region) champions at Hudson Valley Community College Saturday.All will advance to Regional play in hopes of reaching the New York State Public High...
  • I Am A Follower
    Leading in a self-promoting and self-absorbed culture
    "I Am A Follower," is a solid book on following Jesus in a world of "leaders".Leadership is as much, if not more, about following than it is about "leading". We do not need more leaders, we need more followers.Sweet...
  • Employee handbook
    Employee engagement doesn't just happen
    It seems almost foolish, we put people in a business, tell them what to do and because we pay them to do it, we expect them to be fully engaged and committed to doing what they are told. But that rarely happens.They usually show up engaged on the...
  • The Pondering Leader
    The pondering leader
    Thinking and reflecting of the lives of all leaders, and managers alongside pondering what a great leader is and all in which it requires; might make one reflect on a poem written by,Walt Whitman, ‘I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And...
  • Leadership Starts With Giving
    Leadership verses management
    Leadership verses management is; leadership is leading others on an ethical path through hard work, dedication, and determination as with management. Leadership is leading others with the hopes that they will become a greater leader than the...
  • The dynamics of leadership includes embracing and enhancing the elements of empowerment, trust and performance.
    The dynamics of leadership
    Whether the economy returns to robust conditions or continues to perform poorly, one fact remains: market conditions will continue to be unstable. Whole industries grow at dynamic rates, while others collapse with similar rapidity.Yet times of...
  • Leading
    Leading Ourselves
    We all correct ourselves. We’re driving down Capital boulevard and make a driving error—we mentally correct ourselves. We have dinner downtown, malicious gossip enters the conversation, and we stop ourselves once we realize what&rsquo...
  • Introduction
    Introducing our child to Christ.........It's better and important
    Thinkingon the difference between our child knowing about Christ and knowing Christ personally, we know that the relational friendship with the Lord is God's passionate plan for all children and adults. And, aswe havesaid,if we expose our...
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