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  • Indoor Clothesline
    Benefits of and how-to install an indoor clothesline
    There is no denying the energy savings derived from drying your clothes on a clothesline in the back yard. And there is no beating that fresh clean smell when clothes have spent a couple of hours waving in a summer breeze. But what do you do when...
  • Camp laundry is easy with Scrubba Wash Bag
    Scrubba Wash Bag makes camp laundry a breeze
    There are a few different strategies for doing laundry in camp but the Scrubba Wash Bag makes it easy. The Scrubba, basically a big heavy-duty bag that holds water, also has a unique scrubbing surface inside. The small protruding nodules on the...
  • green virgin products
    Try Green Virgin Laundry Products: natural and safe
    Everyone needs to do laundry. Humans attract dirt; they sweat, their clothes and linens need washing. Green advocates seek to leave as small a footprint from their life activities as possible. Now, there is a way to combine both with laundry...
  • Bottle of Tea Tree Oil
    Discovering tea tree oil and its many uses
    Tea Tree is an essential oil that is obtained from an Australian tree known as Melaleuca alternifolia. You may recognize it by its strong, distinctive odor. It is found in many items such as shampoo/conditioner, mouthwash and other bath and body...
  • Bucket clothes washer and dry on curtain rod
    Best way to save money on laundry
    The best way to save money on laundry is to wash your clothes at home. When you do not have the luxury of owning a washer or dryer, follow these tips that will absolutely save you lots of money on your laundry bill. Find out how to save huge on...
  • Laundry Safety Tips
    Tips for Keeping Children Safe in the Laundry Room
    There's a hidden danger in the laundry room that many parents don't consider. Laundry packets with their bright colors and interesting design can pose serious harm to children. The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has released a public...
  • Earth Day
    Green your laundry for Mother Earth everyday
    How Compassionate and Earth Friendly is Your Laundry?Using 100% organic environmentally-friendly laundry detergent is one of the most important steps you can take toward creating a green life and reducing your carbon footprint on mother earth....
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist: Laundry Room Must-Haves, Fabric Care Tips and More!
    Spring Cleaning Checklist: Laundry Room Must-Haves, Fabric Care Tips and More!
    Spring has finally arrived and that usually means it could be time to re-organize and update your wardrobe, living space or even your laundry room! Last week, I had the opportunity to surprise someone with a laundry room makeover…giving her...
  • Method Sunset Breeze
    Add some spring into your laundry tub and dryer with Method
    We are a fan of Method products so when they told us about a new fragrance, we said, “Send it along!” and we’re glad they did. If you need a refresher for spring after such a long winter, start in your laundry room with Method...
  • water use
    How much water do you use?
    Water conservation is on everyone’s mind. Water quantities and quality vary greatly across the country. One area is flooding and another is hit by drought. Some areas have high mineral content or impurities that need to be removed for safe...
  • Audrey Sharks Nationals
    How to get kids to do their own laundry
    With four kids, the laundry is a never-ending cycle, and I recently realized that by continuing to do it all on my own I was doing myself and my kids a disservice. My oldest, an athlete who is college-bound next year, produces the most laundry and...
  • name brand detergents
    Making your own laundry detergent: A clean sweep for savings and the environment
    One of my first steps when going frugal included the benefit of going greener with my laundry. It was a recipe for homemade laundry detergent. Now having a construction worker and two preteen boys in the home involves having a lot of dirt and...
  • Laundry shooter teen turns himself in (Part 2)
    Laundry shooter teen turns himself in (Part 2)
    Continued from Part 1An earlier report says that, according to a family friend, Justice Toliver had accidentally bleached her brother's clothing.Recently, the two siblings had been fighting a lot.Their cousin said that Justice lived quite a...
  • Laundry shooter teen turns himself in
    Laundry shooter teen turns himself in
    OAKLAND, Calif. Top news coming in to an overcast San Francisco today is about the laundry shooter.ABC 7 Local in San Francisco says that, in Oakland, police report that the 14-year-old boy who was accused of fatally shooting his sister, aged 17,...
  • Teens kill over laundry
    Teens kill over laundry
    Top news coming in today to San Francisco on the day that the Mavericks surf competition is on, is about a tragic killing over laundry."More senseless killing, it never seems to end," says San Francisco resident, Katie