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  • Pluto Larger than Expected
    New Horizons Probe Establishes Pluto as Largest Object Past Neptune
    NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, which has journeyed for nine years and three billion miles, is now less than a day away from its historic flyby of Pluto. However, the probe has already made an important scientific discovery that has settled...
  • 127 yard sale: Worlds longest sale covers five states
    127 yard sale: Worlds longest sale covers five states
    The 127 yard sale is now underway. The sale is billed as the longest and spans five states along Highway 127. According to The Inquisitr on August 2, 2013, the event extends for hundreds of miles."The world’s largest yard sale stretches...
  • $475M Powerball jackpot: On track to break records
    $475M Powerball jackpot: On track to break records
    It was reported on May 16, 2013, that the $475 million Powerball jackpot is on track to break records. According to ABC News there was no winner on Wednesday of the $360 million prize."The jackpot has soared to $475 million after none of the...
  • Airliners at the Gate
    Do you know where Atlanta's biggest Wi-Fi hot spot is?
    Wi-Fi is available almost anywhere in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport becoming the largest single hot spot in the metro Atlanta area. There are several Wi-Fi carriers at the Atlanta airport, but with a few exceptions, noted...
  • One ton gold coin is world's largest and most valuable
    One ton gold coin
    Hate having a pocket full of coins? Bet this one ton gold coin would "change" your attitude. The biggest, most weighty and therefore the most valuable gold coin in the worldwasunveiledbythePerthMint,Australia'...
  • resized_Arabia1.jpg
    Hunting treasure this summer: Discover the Steamboat Arabia in Kansas City - slideshow
    Steamship Arabia traveled the Missouri River in the 1850'sphoto L GodfreeRelated articlesVisit 100 museums free in 2010 - Culture pass, Desert winter celebration Spruce Goose Water Park: Slide out of a Boeing 747, new at the aviation museum...
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