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  • Lantern Fest Omaha Nebraska
    Review of the 2015 Lantern Fest in Omaha, Nebraska (Pacific Junction, Iowa)
    Last night, a large group of us headed out to Pacific Junction, Iowa for the Latern Fest. It was quite the experience, which is exactly why I wanted to go! My daughter said from the promotional video that it looked like Rapunzel's birthday,...
  • Mosquito
    Mosquitoes don't attempt to bite through this eco-friendly forcefield
    Most people enjoy spending time enjoying activities outdoors during fair weather. There are local festivals, farmers markets, family parties, gatherings with friends and sporting events that all take place outdoors. Add in gardening, poolside...
  • Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern
    Light up your world with the Lighthouse 250 lantern and USB hub from Goal Zero
    Goal Zero’s Lighthouse 250 does what any lantern is expected to do, shine light, but it does more. The fusion of technology and functional design is increasingly coming together, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the number of...
  • One colorful Chinese Lantern that will be seen at the festival
    Unique Customs & Traditions of the Lunar New Year ---What to Know Before You Go
    (Fountain Hills, Ariz.) – January 31st is the first day of a 15 day festival that billions of people across China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam celebrate each year. In Arizona we will be taking a small part in the festivities by hosting the...
  • One example of what will be seen in Fountain Hills at the festival.
    Attention: Date Change for Chinese Lantern & Folk Festival at Fountain HillsNew dates are January 31st -February 9th, the first official day of the Chinese New YearFor more details visit: Hills, Ariz.)...
  • 1st Time Chinese Lantern & Folk Festival Coming to Fountain Hills
    1st Time Chinese Lantern & Folk Festival Coming to Fountain Hills
    Chinese Lantern & Folk Festival at Fountain Hills Set for Jan.31-Feb 9thA colorful and unique Chinese tradition is coming to Arizona for the first time. www.chineselanternfestivalaz.comThe inaugural Chinese Lantern & Folk Festival will be...
  • Murphy’s Law also does apply to preppers
    Murphy’s Law also does apply to preppers
    Murphy’s Law basically states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This law is important to preppers because when things go wrong, while preppers are trying to get through a disaster, preppers can be injured or killed. This article...
  • Lantern Theater Company's HEROES
    Lantern Theater Company's HEROES
    “I’ve arrived,” I thought, as I settled comfortably into my seat for the Lantern Theater Company’s production of HEROES. “There’s nothing more I could possibly need. I have a chair to sit on, vines covering the...
  • Nightingale Lamp
    Florence Nightingale inspires lanterns on 2013 Rose Parade float
    Readers who have been following the nurses' float in this column have seen the evolution of the realistic animals on “A Healing Place,” a 2013 Rose Parade float sponsored by a group of nurses to honor Tournament of Roses president...
  • Coleman Quad LED Lantern
    Gear Review: Coleman Quad LED Lantern
    The Coleman Quad LED Lantern is the Rolls-Royce of battery-powered lanterns. The Quad LED Lantern sells for around $80, produces 190 lumens, and lasts for approximately 75 hours. What sets this product apart from other lanterns is its inspired...
  • Kelty LumaPivot lantern gear review
    Kelty LumaPivot lantern gear review
    The Kelty LumaPivot is a long and sleek direct pivot-panel lantern that provides exceptional LED light with its vertical design. This unique lantern outputs 110 lumens on high and lasts up to 12 hours. It weighs in at less than one pound and doesn...
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