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  • "White Sands" 1992 film
    WHITE SANDS 1992 shot in New Mexico & it gives us an excellent mystery
    "White Sands" (1992) was filmed in the cities of Alamagordo, Taos, Estancia & Santa Fe at New Mexico. The "Warner Bros." production budget stood at $25 million as the movie premiered on April 24, 1992. It peaked at $9...
  • Charges
    Frustration and a claim of 'judgment' surround baby's death
    A $1,000 donation from a Christian lawmaker's charity to a Colorado woman whose 7-month-old baby was cut from her womb isn't wanted by the family because the pro-life Republican connects the tragic incident to biblical prophecy concerning...
  • CES MMA 25 poster
    CES MMA 25 airing live on AXS TV featuring 3 Binns Mgmt clients on Aug. 8th
    Binns Management is going back up to Rhode Island with 3 clients fighting at CES MMA 25 on August 8th. CES MMA 25: Felix vs. Lane is a stacked MMA fight card and will be airing live on AXS TV. There will be three scheduled Binns Management clients...
  • CES MMA 24 poster
    Binns Mgmt client Julian Lane facing Luis Felix for title at CES MMA 24 on 6/27
    The Rhode Island based MMA promotion CES MMA is back again with another stacked fight card on June 27th with CES MMA 24 Felix vs. Lane. Binns Management client Julian "Nitrane" Lane will be facing off against CES MMA veteran Luis "...
  • Lane
    The New Cool
    Cool never gets old. James Dean, Elvis Presley…the list of the truly cool is not very long. However, no one was cooler than Arthur Fonzarelli. The Fonz was so cool the jukebox played at the flip of his wrist….no quarters necessary....
  • One of Butler County's 'Most Wanted' arrested in South Dakota
    One of Butler County's 'Most Wanted,' arrested in South Dakota
    Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones reports that earlier today, one of Butler County’s “Most Wanted” fugitives was arrested in South Dakota by local authorities there. An arrest warrant was issued back in January, 2011, for...
  • Favorite Cakes From Former Presidents
    Favorite Cakes from Former Presidents
    If you enjoy desserts, as most of us do, then we all have a favorite cake. Cake recipes are usually the biggest chapter in many cookbooks, especially those produced by local communities and churches. Baking a good cake is definitely an...
  • Hayden wins 'Big Brother 12'
    Hayden beats Lane on 'Big Brother 12'; Best 'Big Brother' finale of all-time?
    The votes are in and a “Big Brother 12” champion has been crowned. In a close vote, Hayden beat Lane by just one vote (courtesy of Enzo) to become the winner on finale night of “Big Brother 12.”Britney, who become the...
  • Big Brother 12: Congratulations to the Winner!
    Big Brother 12: Congratulations to the winner!
    Tonight, the two hour season finale of Big Brother 12 brought out a lot of secrets, lies, deception, another Saboteur, unkind things said behind backs,America's favoriteplayerand of course the all time winner of summer 2010.As Lane and Hayden...
  • 100910151634big_brother_12_cast.jpg
    Big Brother 12: Proof that Wednesday's "live" competition was NOT live!
    It's 2:05pm PST in the Big Brother 12 house.Hayden is working out and Lane is sitting on the couches outside with him looking at his hands. "My hands are killing me from the 'Rumble in the Jungle' on Tuesday night," says...
  • 100910145345big_brother_12_cast.jpg
    Big Brother 12: Lane and Hayden, "What will I wear finale night?
    Lane says it is day 70 today in the Big Brother 12 house. Lane and Hayden are outside on the couches talking about what they are going to wear on finale night and what they are going to wear to the party afterwards. Enzo is still sleeping inside....
  • 100829192201resized_pandoras_box.jpg
    Big Brother 12: AUG 29 show RECAP, Lane's Pandora's Box
    As Head of Household, it was Lane's turn to choose whether or not to open Pandora's Box and he decided to do so. What did he find, but a money tree filled with gold necklaces and green envelopes with money amounts written on them. Lane was...
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