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  • Jealousy is Unhealthy and Unattractive
    Unhealthy jealousy amongst women leads to lack and competition
    If diamonds are a girl's best friend, jealousy of someone else's diamonds can be a girl's worst enemy. Jealousy is an epidemic among women that is encouraged by the media and society, and is easily caught on a wave of gossip that...
  • Bishop Eddie Long discusses sex scandal Allegations
    Bishop eddie scandal and bad relationships
    We all make mistakes but hopefully not mistakes of epic proportions likethisman...Bishop Eddie Long,along with other well known public authority figures (like Jerry Sandusky) seemingly missing the chapter on building good relationships, which...
  • Enlightening the masses
    Focusing on abundance
    From my Study Guide based on Gary Simmons’ The I of the Storm, Week 1, my answer to Question Three (What do you think is meant by the statement “nothing and no one is against you”?) of Group Discussion and Personal Reflection: ...
  • Gold Coins
    Creating a prosperity consciousness during a global recession
    The idea of not having enough money is a block to peace because it is a reflection of a belief in our minds that says that there is not enough money for everyone. Our perception of a low threshold in our bank accounts becomes validation for the...
  • Treasure
    Abundance, it's a God thing
    Abundance is defined as an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply. Abundance is the place where we would all like to live because it is comfortable and safe. Quite often it seems as though our entire lives is one big...
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