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  • Nutrition Facts Labels
    FDA proposes new nutrition labels for a healthier nation
    When looking to revamp one’s health, sugar is often the first thing removed from the diet…and with good reason. An excess of sugar has been linked to weight gain and various diseases, such as type II diabetes and heart disease....
  • The-Dream releases new EP 'Royalty: The Prequel'
    The-Dream releases 'Royalty: The Prequel' EP on newly formed Contra Paris label
    Love is in the air for singer/songwriter The-Dream. Days after announcing his marriage to his fans on Instagram, the Grammy award winning R&B hit-maker whose real name is Terius Nash, attempts to rekindle his old flame by offering up a...
  • Nutrition Label
    Nutrition Facts
    Are you one of the many, many consumers who looks at the label on a food item and simply sees gibberish or one who picks out the one nutrient you understand somewhat and base eating a food off that information only? If so, you’re not alone....
  • Schloss Saarstein label
    How to read a German wine label
    SprechenSieDeutsch (Do you speak German)? Looking at the text on German wine labels it is leichter gesagt als getan (easier said than done), or, more precisely, easier said than understood. And, for that matter, it isn’t even very easy to...
  • Meat Label
    Another Win for Non-GMO Labeling
    For a while now the "Non-GMO Project" label has been in your local grocery store. It can be located on anything from milk to vegetables to crackers ensuring the safety when eating/drinking that particular food item. Consumers can feel...
  • fresh produce
    Whole Foods will label GMOs
    Last month there was good news for those of us who a) want to know what’s in our food, and b) have hopes that a successful food chain can retain (or regain) its moral compass.Whole Foods, possibly the largest and best-known earth-friendly...
  • USDA Organic Label
    Organic Labels – what’s the difference?
    Since reviewing lots of organic products are my passion to help others live a healthier life, I have noticed many differing labels. If a product is organic then what does the difference in the label mean? Today we’re going to compare organic...
  • All Natural
    Organic versus All Natural food labels – what’s the difference
    There are many products that are now targeting the label “All Natural”. This term is being used especially on meat products that are competing with the organic equivalent in the market. But don’t confuse the two terms. How...
  • Marni blouse
    Marni is now selling vintage...sort of
    Until December 2, Marni is selling some of their "vintage" items online to those with a few hundred pounds sterling to spare. Since the label was founded in 1994, the clothes would basically have to be from the first two or three...
  • resized_photo_454_20080903.jpg
    So You Wanna Be a DJ Part 4: The Tunes
    Bringing your headphones to check out music isn't a bad idea... Admin Now comes the hard part of being a DJ: figuring out what to play! Is there a certain DJ that you like whose music inspires you? Find out what style of...
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