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  • Maui, Hawaii Koi Pond
    Maui, Hawaii Koi Pond
    Most gardeners have enjoyed at one time or another the experience of watching fish swim in a pool, either at a public park or in a fellow gardener’s back yard. Imagine our surprise and delight when my wife and I arrived at our hotel on our...
  • Andersons Japanese Garden waterfall
    Rockford’s Japanese garden is haiku for the senses
    Off the weathered rock,The water softly tumbles,Again and again.-- Charlotte PinkneyStone, water, and plants are essential elements in a Japanese garden, and Rockford, Illinois, is home to the nation’s top-rated one. Anderson Japanese Garden...
  • Visit the newly expanded Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park
    Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park debuts its new look
    The Japanese Friendship Garden has recently expanded and is now open to show off a new look.Located in the heart of Balboa Park, the Japanese Friendship Garden has opened its newly expanded seven acres to the public this weekend. Growing from 2.5...
  • Bydo-In Temple
    Find your peace at Bydo-In Temple
    Located in the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Bydo-In Temple delights visitors from all over the world with peace and tranquility.After spending seven hours on plane from Denver to Hawaii, the serenity might come as a nice respite from the daily bustle...
  • Water lily
    9th Annual Pond and Water Garden Tour this Saturday, May 12th
    Twenty-four ponds throughout the tri-county area will be opened to the public this Saturday from 9AM - 4PM for the 9th annual Charleston Showa Koi Club Pond & Water Garden Tour. From Daniel Island to Mt Pleasant, James and Johns Islands to...
  • feeding frenzy
    Pond Water Quality & common Koi health problems
    Spring is here; time to enjoy our ponds again. It is also the perfect time to spring clean your pond. As the weather outside warms up so does the water in the pond waking up the anaerobic bacteria and parasites that feast on the decaying leaves...
  • The Ponds and Gardens of Limekiln
    STORE REVIEW: The Ponds and Gardens of Limekiln
    Just got back from The Ponds and Gardens of Limekiln, WOW, I was blown away. Umm, there were around four thousand Goldfish, Fancy Goldfish and Koi. Around two thousand of them were beautiful Koi. There were also over one hundred concrete and...
  • Pond Koi
    Aquatic Pets How to Guide
    Aquatic Pet TurtleAquatic turtles are quite admired by people as a pet because of their dazzling looks. These water pet turtles are difficult to maintain and care for. They require intense labor and care as compared to other pets. Since it...
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