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  • noisemakers
    From the parrot's beak: squawking in the new year edition
    - From parrot fever to polar vortex:"2014 Parrot Year in Review" is this month's "Pet Gazette" feature story by examiner George Sommers. Scroll to Page 10 and click to enlarge.
  • What's in parrot's beak this week?
    From the parrot's beak: crime and punishment edition
    - Parrot helps cops nab murderer: SCROLL TO CONTINUE: (No, it wasn't Col. Mustard in the drawing room with a candlestick.)- Griffin,African grey parrot protege of Dr. Irene...
  • pirate parrot
    From the parrots beak: 4th of July edition
    - 4th of July is party time for people, for parrots not so much. Arthur had other plans for the 4th in Boston and much of the East Coast, and we don't mean the late Boston Pops conductor Arthur Fiedler. Still, we suspect there'll be plenty...
  • Margaritaville parrot
    From the parrot's beak: we've got parrot fever and not in a good way
    - PHOTO CAPTION: "Margaritaville"is aJimmy Buffett song, but what's the deal with Jimmy and parrots? Former Coral Reefer band member Timothy Schmit, surveying Hawaiian shirt clad fans at a concert once remarked, "Look at them-...
  • galah
    From the parrot's beak: 5/19 edition
    - Disco the parakeet on the "Today Show":Fast-talking parakeet shows off his vocal skills - Video on For more of his body of work: Disco Sings the Stones - and Prospers - YouTube Thanks to Feathered Sanctuary. ---- “Bird...
  • Parrot on cereal box.
    From the parrot's beak: 4/20? what's so funny about that date, anyway? edition
    - PHOTO CAPTION: Parrots pop up as pop culture icons all over- including cereal boxes.EDITOR'S NOTE: Not directly related to parrots, but it has been a frightening and trying week for my home city of Boston- the likes of which we will...
  • goffin's at Foster Parrots
    From the parrot's beak: ain't no cure for the summertime blues edition
    - Inside peek at a parrot show/contest including tips from Boston aviculturist/judge Linda Rubin. For the "Pet Gazette" feature story of the month by examiner George Sommers, scroll down to page 10 - top center of...
  • what's up?
    From the parrot's beak: 5/14 edition
    - Because after all, dogs don't climb trees: Tree surgeon goes to work with parrot - So you think the birds in your house are noisy: Some 70,0000 Patagonian conures, the largest parrot colony in the world, nest...
  • budgies on swing toy
    From the parrot's beak: springtime in parrots edition
    - Luau Party | Parrot Safari promises to be a real Don Ho-down! Along with real hula dancers and a rare black palm cockatoo (photo taking encouraged); parrot enrichment authority Robin Shewokis presents a fact-packed seminar on bird behaviorwith...