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Egyptian court recommends dissolving Muslim Brotherhood

September 2, 2013
In Egypt, a judicial official has announced that a panel of judges have recommended the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood. The decision is nonbinding, but brings the Muslim Brotherhood one step closer to being eliminated. Their legitimacy...

The ‘Chopped’ judges: Who is your favorite?

June 9, 2013
“Chopped” would not be “Chopped” without its esteemed panel of judges. Each episode has three of the following nine regular judges to review and critique the contestants’ concoctions each episode.Aaron SanchezKnown for...

The ‘MasterChef’ judges: 3 flavors of nice

June 5, 2013
For the fourth season in a row, “MasterChef” has been blessed with the same three great judges. Their backgrounds are different, their cooking styles are different, and their judging approaches are also different. One thing that...

Why we've grown sick of reality show judges

May 31, 2013
With all this switching and swapping these reality show judges are doing lately, it's hard to retain the Talent Competition as a legitimate guilty pleasure. As reality shows in general begin to gorge their way out of existence...