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  • Why do my joints pop?
    Why do my joints pop?
    It is common for people to crack their knuckles or even their back intentionally because they find that it feels good or allows them to move more freely. Cracks, pops, and other funky noises also occur while someone is lifting weights at the gym,...
  • Washington lights up
    Washington state lights up, when will Indiana?
    Now that the state of Washington has legalized Marijuana for recreational use. How long will it be until Indiana makes a change?The Washington law made it legal for those over 21 to possess and use up to an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana. A number...
  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown post blasted for arrogance, also fuels Rihanna rumors
    Chris Brown posted a photo via Instagram yesterday in which he’s shown sitting with what appears to be a huge marijuana joint dangling from his lips. Rihanna is sprawled sexily next to the singer, wrapped in a camouflage blanket with what...
  • Tybreel Levonte Bentley
    Florida teen charged for shooting pellet gun at friends who refused drugs
    A 15-year-old boy is behind bars after he allegedly shot three of his friends after they refused to do drugs.According to a Charlotte County Sheriff’s press release, 15-year-old Tybreel Levonte Bentley and his three friends were hanging out...
  • The sign in front
    Arcadia Garden Cafe offers more than Chinese
    Arcadia Garden Cafe is one of those rare coffee shop versions of a Chinese restaurant very similar to what they have in many parts of Hong Kong and Taipei. First off it looks a little bit like a Norms, only with a bar. Second, it serves a huge...