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  • Social media job search
    4 ways social media can help tune-up your job search
    Are you in the job market again? If so, a few things have changed since the days when you used the internet to send your resume and cover letter to a company or hiring manager, and hoped this was enough to land an interview. It can still happen,...
  • Small businesses can compete with large companies for talented workers
    Will Las Vegas small businesses be able to 'staff up' in 2014?
    If you run a Las Vegas small business, chances are you’ll be in the market for “staffing up” in 2014. But, will you be able to, and still keep your business afloat?2014 Small Business Hiring TrendsAccording to experts, small...
  • Stop Talking
    Cure nervousness during interviews by not talking
    According to an article in Fortune, the greatest fear jobseekers have about interviews is that they will seem nervous. Amazingly, being prepared for an interview was ranked as the lowest fear.The interesting thing is that being prepared for an...
  • Networking Tips
    10 Easy networking tips that work
    Although many people dread walking into a room full of strangers and introducing themselves to a bunch of people, networking is an important aspect of everyday life. These days it is a vital skill in opening doors for business owners, sales people...
  • Job search strategies in the Information Age, part 1: Internet postings
    Job search strategies in the Information Age, part 1: Internet postings
    This is the first in a series of articles aimed at equipping jobseekers with information and ideas for conducting a fruitful job search. Part 2 will explore the use of professional recruiters and staffing agencies. Part 3 will discuss face-to-face...
  • 7 Bits of Career Advice from Albert Einstein
    7 Bits of Career Advice from Albert Einstein
    Being a career advisor is the greatest job in the world. It’s an honor and a pleasure to help others identify their own unique gifts and it’s so rewarding when they can focus those toward a meaningful career. As a career advisor, my...
  • If you aren't using LinkedIn, you're losing LinkedIn
    LinkedIn isn't just for jobseekers!
    A common mistake in the workplace is that LinkedIn is for jobseekers only, causing hesitation as to whether to post a profile on LinkedIn at all. While true career opportunities are among the many amenities LinkedIn has to offer, so are expertise...
  • Competition is part of the game.
    Jobseekers Must Stay Focused
    Network, network, network!!! People its key to discovery. Here is where information about whose hiring, expanding regions, and breaking ground in new developments are found that could..."what?"...lead to a job. So, in a whisper, let'...
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