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  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken
    Two summer recipes for the crock pot
    Summer is here. You don't want to be stuck in the kitchen cooking with the hot stove or oven. Go to the beach or a pool party with the kids and let your crock pot do the cooking for you.Most think that the crock pot is only for soups, stews...
  • Jerk Mon Grill
    Jamaican jerk at Jerk Mon Grill.
    Jerk Mon Grill is one of the newer Caribbean take-out restaurants popping up in the Baltimore county area.Dishing up boldCaribbeanflavors, Jerk Mon Grill is sure to please yourtaste budsfor some traditional Jamaican fare.Tucked away on Marlyn Ave...
  • VW’s newest 1 minute Superbowl Ad
    Volkswagen's upcoming SuperBowl ad is Jamaican critics crazy
    VW’s recently released its latest super bowl ad on youtube and have subsequentlyreceiveda storm of fault finding from many critics who thought that the ad is overtly racist towards Jamaican people. In the 1 minute spot, we see a Midwestern...
  • Patty Boom Boom
    Patty Boom Boom- a Reggae dancehall
    The dancehall is up the narrow staircase. It is very plain and empty looking with a small bar on one end of the room. Windows look out onto U St. and the corner of 14th St. There is a bench along the window side of the room. The opposite wall is...
  • Jerk Chicken
    Kwanzaa recipe: jerk chicken thighs
    If you're looking for Kwanzaa food recipes, your search for the perfect entree may end here. Jerk-style cooking and seasoning started in Jamaica, but its roots are in Africa, whose people now populate most of the island since the slave trade...
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