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  • The Scarecracker Jack
    The Scarecracker brings live dance and Halloween thrills to Aberdeen
    Every person who has ever seen a ballet has probably seen The Nutcracker. This is the Christmas-themed story of Clara, her Godfather Drosselmeyer, and the Nutcracker gift that spawns a fantastic dream. But did you know about Clara's little...
  • Jack o' lantern pumpkin Halloween stretch pony bead bracelet
    How to make a Halloween pumpkin jack o' lantern stretch pony bead bracelet
    The 9th Street Market or The Italian Market located on South 9th Street between Federal and Fitzwater Streets in the Bella Vista section of South Philadelphia is one of America’s oldest curb markets. In the 1900’s Italian immigrants...
  • The Great Harbord Street Pumpkin Festival
    The Great Harbord Street Pumpkin Festival
    Halloween more than any other ‘holiday’ means different things to different people. Parents of small children are often caught in between groups with very different attitudes towards it, as neither parent nor child is quite the right...
  • carved pumpkins
    Time to Carve
    It is getting to be that time again and, in fact, my own family has big plans for a bit of carving action this weekend. Pumpkin carving has been a long time kid entertaining pastime, but it isn’t just for the kids. Adults can have a great...
  • A Visit to Fat Mitchell's Pumpkin Patch in the Intervale
    Prepare for the Ghoulies and Ghosties - Halloween approacheth
    An old Scottish prayer:"From ghoulies and ghostiesAnd long-legged beastiesAnd things that go bump in the night,Good Lord, deliver us.But some question exists as to the provenance. Is it Scottish? Is it Cornish? Did it come from Yorkshire?...
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