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  • Jack O Lantern
    Great tips for carving your pumpkin this Halloween
    It’s nearly Halloween and time to carve that pumpkin. Here’s a bit of a refresher course on pumpkin carving and some tips to make your Jack O Lantern spooky and special.Larger pumpkins are easier to clean out and you want a pumpkin...
  • Make a fake jack-o-lantern
    How to make a fake jack-o-lantern with markers
    Would you like to make a simple jack-o-lantern? If so, then try making a fake jack-o-lantern by drawing a face on a pumpkin with markers. This craft is a no-hassle solution for people who do not want to carve a pumpkin, and it is also ideal for...
  • How to Carve a Cat Face in a Pumpkin for Halloween
    How to Carve a Cat Face in a Pumpkin for Halloween using a Pattern
    As an avid cat lover, I enjoy almost everything cats! Pumpkins are no exception. To carve a cat faced jack o lantern for Halloween, supplies needed include:1. Large pumpkin, preferable round with a good stem2. Carving knife3. 2 bowls (1 for...
  • Some of the most amazing jack-o-lanterns on the web
    Some of the most amazing jack-o-lanterns on the web
    It's Halloween-time again, and folks all over the United States are buying and carving pumpkins to watch over their porches and amaze trick-or-treaters! The Internet provides a plethora of elaborate pumpkin carvings. Here are a few examples of...
  • Drawing a Southern California inspiredjack o lantern
    Drawing a Southern California inspired jack o lantern
    Living in Southern California means that the scenery of this area will often inspire drawings, such as the jack o lantern pictured in this article. This simple drawing of a jack o lantern against a palm tree sunset could be used on a handmade card...
  • First day of fall: Fall festivals in Northern California
    First day of fall: Fall festivals in Northern California
    The fall season means something different to Northern Californians than it might to folks from other parts of the country. In Northern California, fall is the time of year when agricultural products are being harvested, to be sure.It's also a...
  • carved pumpkins
    Tips on selecting, carving and decorating with pumpkins
    Seasonal fall decorations in Michigan aren’t complete without pumpkins, whether you carve them into scary Jack-O-Lanterns or tastefully group them on the porch. A pumpkin carving app on your smart phone just isn’t the same; in fact it...
  • Jack of the lantern
    The tale of Jack of the lantern
    In America the carved pumpkin or jack o'lantern in one of our oldest Halloween traditions. It was started by the British whom used to carve turnips and hollow them out, the jack o'lantern was used to ward off evil spirits and placed with a...
  • Pumpkins
    Find a cheap Halloween pumpkin in St. Louis
    (Updated with 2012 prices)Halloween is almost here and it's time to hunt down the perfect pumpkin for your little ghouls and goblins! If you need one pumpkin or a whole wagon full, you might be thinking how you can save a little cash on your...
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