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  • Clutter mess
    Organizing Clutter
    No matter the size of the clutter mess, you can get it organized. Start in one corner of the clutter mess and begin deciding whether to keep or discard theitems. Keep working your way through the clutter mess, until only the wanted items remain....
  • Taylor Armstrong
    ‘RHOBH’ star Taylor Armstrong reveals she is a hoarder for Kennedy?
    “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Taylor Armstrong has been keeping a low profile since the reunion was filmed because she has been spending time with her daughter Kennedy and her new lawyer boyfriend, John. She has been...
  • Documentation
    What documentation do you need to present for a mortgage
    The short answer to the question is..............Everything!The days of any kind of reduced documentation mortgage loans has long since passed. Everything about you will be requested, required, verified, and re-verified. I describe today's...
  • Spirit Stone build paths.
    League of Legends' Season 3 Items (Part 2)
    The quest continues to enlighten gamers in Fort Worth, Texas about the Season 3 item changes to League of Legends. Picking up from the last article, this article will be focusing on Hunter's Machete and the four items that can be built from it...
  • Wriggles Lantern build path.
    League of Legends' Season 3 Items (Part 1)
    League of Legends has received some heavy changes since the last Fort Worth, Texas update. The current focus will be on a few of the very many items that have been added with the season three patch. Many items have been added, reworked, removed,...
  • Items
    What Does THIS Do? League of Legends Item Guide
    By now you have a small idea of what you should do in a round of League of Legends. Kill enemies, destroy towers, and blow up the other team’s nexus, and be awesome. That is the general idea. Well, in order to make those goals achievable,...
  • The Beatles
    Vintage Beatles albums and more to be auctioned Feb. 8 in the UK
    A big selection of vintage music memorabilia, including items connected with the Beatles, Elvis Presley, the Who, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, Eddie Cochran, the Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart will go under the hammer at 11 a...
  • airplane
    The Seven Most Important Items to Carry On a Flight
    The time has come to finally adventure again, but before arriving to your destination you realize you still have a 12 hour flight ahead of you. I always find myself forgetting items that could have made the flight much more bearable. Here are...
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