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Italian Articles - Page 2

Mexican makeover for pizza

July 29, 2014
It's a common fact that pizza is purely Italian. If you consult an Italian cookbook, however, you'll learn that the true authentic pizza is not made in Italy as it is here in this country...

Vivo Trattoria’s Italian movie and dinner nights

July 28, 2014
Vivo Trattoria located at the Hotel at Arundel Preserve has created movie themed three course dinners to match select Italian movies that they will be showing every other Thursday evening. The inaugural Italian movie and dinner is coming...

A palooza of a price for a hot dog and a wedge

July 26, 2014
Why does it seem everyone with the knowledge of how to operate a stove, a mouth, a tongue and mom’s recipe for fried chicken honestly believes they can take a vacant restaurant space, remodel it, and suddenly have...

Recipe of the week: Lasagne bake for two

July 13, 2014
Who doesn't love lasagne? Its the dish so many of us call comfort food, slathered with sauce, cheese, and the ever tempting pasta we just can't leave out of our lives. My consumption of pasta is...

Roman urn and Italian glass meet new home at the Met

July 12, 2014
Nearly 45 glass works made by Italian architect Carlo Scarpa between 1932 and 1947 have been donated to The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Dr. David Landau and his wife Marie-Rose Kahane.“In 1929 the International Exhibition of...

Piattini Brings Venetian Small Plates to the Mission

June 27, 2014
For six years, Gino Assaf ran the Italian restaurant Specchio in the Mission. When he split from his business partner, Assaf decided to renovate and revamp with a new concept and new name -- Piattini.The menu consists almost entirely of...

Lasagna dressed up as Mexican

June 20, 2014
When you think of Italian food, you most likely think of spaghetti or pizza. But let's not forget lasagna! I like to think of Italian food as a form of "comfort food"...the type...

Trendy in LA: Contemporary Fusion Brings Vivid Taste

June 19, 2014
Restaurants across Southern California are changing to meet the ‘hip and trendy’ profile, a movement that is slowly making its way through Las Vegas. This notion of change can seem unsettling on the surface to the food aficionado...