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  • Islam, the religion Allah has perfected for us
    How my journey with Jesus led me to embrace Islam
    Since I served as a Christian pastor for more than fifteen (15) years before reverting to Islam on February 10,, 2013, I often am asked why I did so. One of things I often said while serving as a Christian pastor is the more I got to know the...
  • protests
    GOP Chairman: Be scared of Muslim Americans, they might 'decapitate you'
    As the growing influence of the Islamic State in the Middle East continues, the threat of an attack on American soil has become real in the eyes of many. While religious extremism is a concern, one Republican is tapping into the fear the American...
  • Anti-Muslim Poster in New York
    Islamaphobes In The USA Are Out of Step With This Nation’s Founders
    The current plight of Muslims in Gaza have seen a rise in reports of Islamaphobia throughout the United States. Recent poll results from the Arab American Institute (AAI) suggest that this rise in Islamaphobia is more than a response to current...
  • Clash of Civilizations
    Clash of Civilizations
    Well over half century ago I was taught about the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve, the first two humans on the planet, were given a choice – either obey or leave. One chose to disobey, the other to be enticed into disobeying, and then...
  • American Muslims: Don't Judge
    Emergency on the Home Front: Why Are We Ignoring It?
    As Muslims, it is very popular to fight for the rights of others. Especially in this area around Washington DC, we are very politically involved and possess a large amount of global knowledge. We hold protests for Libya and Egypt, Emergency...
  • American Muslim
    King hearings: Playing to peoples fears & prejudice
    During the civil rights battles of the mid-20th Century, it was not at all unusual to hear some white people express skepticism about the real motives of the movement and its leadership. To this day, bigoted people still insist that African...