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  • 'We've lost everything' residents say
    Isaac filling New Orleans region with water, rising death toll, more evacuations
    Isaac historic legacy along Louisiana's Gulf Coast and New Orleans region is still developing as authorities and residents contend with the waterlogged state continuing to fill with water, evacuations, and the rising death toll at seven.&ldquo...
  • Hushpuppy & the auroch
    Beasts of the Southern Wild: no chaser
    Beasts of the Southern Wild is half human story about extraordinary people limited by ordinary circumstances, half classic Joseph Campbell "hero's journey" 2012.Its central character, Hushpuppy, is named after the soft, warm fishy...
  • Hurricane Isaac
    The Wrath of Huricane Isaac.
    This isthe last week in Augustand the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which killed hundreds of people and flooded 80 percent of New Orleans. For that reason it was feared that if Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf Coast yesterday, Wednesday...
  • Isaac hits Gulf coast
    Isaac hits Gulf coast
    Tropical Storm Isaac has entered the Gulf of Mexico and the outer bands of Tropical Storm Isaac has begun to make land fall on the Panama City Florida, Gulf Shores Alabama, and Dauphin Island Alabama with winds up to 65mph and higher it is...
  • Tropical Storm Isaac bears down on Gulf Coast
    Tropical Storm Isaac bears down on Gulf Coast: Georgia misses a blow
    As the course of Tropical Storm Isaac becomes more and more clear, preparations are rushed to completion.Currentlyjust a tropical storm,the National Hurricane Center forecasts TropicalStorm Isaac to intensify into a hurricane by the expected...
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