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It’s amazing -- the magic of compounding

March 24, 2014
You may have seen this: A magician places a single loonie on his palm, closes his hand, waves mysteriously above it and a seemingly unending stream of loonies cascades from his still closed hand into a top hat. It&rsquo...

Real estate investment problems

March 20, 2014
Investing in individual pieces of real estate has made a lot of headlines lately, but many people have discovered that this is not the perfect investment opportunity that these articles make it out to be. Individual pieces of real...

Expanding Minnesota's transportation network

March 19, 2014
What do representatives from the American Heart Association and Move MN have in common? If they’re Dave Van Hattum and Erik Petzel it’s their strong belief that a diversified transit network can improve the Twin Cities...

Markets denied from the highs

March 14, 2014
In the previous article, I mentioned that there's a possibility for these all-time-high markets to have a correction. There it is! This past week, the DJIA had lost around 400 points from its highs...

Making the secure savings commitment

February 5, 2014
Your personal path to a secure financial future requires a map – a financial plan – that is unique to you and your life goals. But every financial plan has one essential component -- and that is to commit to saving...

The right time to invest is … now

January 31, 2014
At any time of the year, it can be tough to set aside money to invest – either in your investments held in an RRSP or to purchase shares to add to your non-registered portfolio – and that is...

More than a savings account

January 28, 2014
The federal government introduced the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) in 2009 and it was hailed as the single most important personal savings vehicle since RRSPs were launched in the late 1950’s. So it’s easy to...

Investing in a certificate of deposit

January 26, 2014
DefinitionA certificate of deposit is a bank account set up with specific terms. These terms have time lengths for earning interest at a consistent rate.Maturity DateThe money in a certificate of deposit is characteristically locked away from the investor...

5 Tips for Successful Investing

December 11, 2013
Investing doesn’t mean that one has to understand the complexities of market or has to anxiously follow market developments every day or week. Investing is all about following a few simple tips and steps for successful and fulfilling...