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  • Michelle Obama's Twitter Profile Has a New Look
    Twitter clones Facebook in new redesign
    Twitter announced today that it will be rolling out a radical redesign of the social network's website. Long focused on sharing bite-sized messages, the fresh look for Twitter has a lot of people scratching their heads. From the new location...
  • There's a new look for Google's search results
    There's a new look to the search results
    Well it looks like Google made another change this week. No, it's not the Panda refresh we're all experiencing, but instead, it's a new look to their search results pages (SERPs).For some of you, if you do a search today on,...
  • Leap Motion
    Leap Motion releases a "Minority Report" style device - the future is now!
    Remember how cool it was when Tom Cruise was manipulating the screens in the movie Minority Report? Everyone wanted to have that after the movie, yet it didn't exist. More recently, Robert Downey Jr. showed us as Tony Stark / Iron Man that he...
  • Microsoft launches browser-based WP7 emulation
    Microsoft launches browser-based WP7 emulation
    Microsoft launched today a web page where you can experience Windows Phone 7 in iOS and Android, without having to install the operating system itself, through the browser. This is purely a demo, and none of your actual messages or emails or...
  • BCI
    Article removed
    Article removed
  • Simplicity at its best.
    On the fast track.
    In 1988 M-Audio, which was formerly known as Midiman, began creating a wide variation of D.A.W.'s, also known as digital audio work stations. in the 1990's when midi controlled keyboards came to the foreground of the music industry, M...
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