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  • Food and inspiration
    Food and inspiration
    Food. It is a major part of life. Without it, humans cannot exist. Healthy food nourishes; unhealthy food can deplete the body of energy. Food can either provide good mental health or complicate mental illnesses. The Bible contains many verses...
  • You have to eat that frog
    Value Your Life: Books to Increase your Motivation even More
    Do you value your life? Don’t answer this question in terms of survival. Do you truly value the life that you lead? Do you seek out ways to improve your health, relationships, spirituality, career path, and knowledge? If you answer yes,...
  • Steal these 5 sports strategies and use them to run your startup, too!
    Steal these 5 sports strategies and use them to run your startup, too!
    In this final edition of our sports strategies series, we learn from five elite business people which strategies they borrow from baseball, boxing, running, cycling, and rugby to manage their day-to-day business challenges.Earlier this summer, we...
  • Caitlyn Jenner
    What Caitlyn Jenner Can Teach Us About Self-Love
    To spend a life at war with yourself and hide who you really are is the loneliest place to be. Yet, to be who you really are is a feat many of us spend years trying to accomplish.The transgender Olympic champion, that many of us know as Bruce...
  • 7 quotes for extra motivation this Monday
    7 quotes for extra motivation this Monday
    It's Monday and for many of us, the start of a new week. Keep your motivation alive and high with these loved quotes, helping you find inspiration to appreciate the day, as well as get your sweat on and keep your training plans alive.
  • Jesus app
    New mobile device app allows users to customize their personal Jesus
    A new Jesus app for mobile devices has been designed to reach a diverse global and diverse group based on an individual’s personal vision of what Christ’s image look. Called “Jesus Daily Doves,” the free app is intended to...
  • Quitting is not an option
    Harness the true power of living for better health
    Society awakens every morning hoping that their individual dreams are fulfilled in one regard or another, yet we all lack simplistic thinking mechanisms and attitudes that, if put into play, can allow us to live healthily and maintain our bodies...
  • DeAndre Jordan and the Dallas Mavericks’ Teachable Moment
    5 NBA strategies to inspire startups, featuring Jordan & the Mavericks
    In recognition of DeAndre Jordan and the Dallas Mavericks’ teachable moment today we’re bringing you five strategies used in basketball that can inspire the day-to-day management of your startup.We asked entrepreneurs from all over the...
  • Thumbs up
    Accentuate the positive and cooperate
    It's a excellent day for networking... but a positive attitude is a must because success can be had through cooperation and creative participation. Think big but tend to the details. Adapt to changing circumstances. Take control of yourself...
  • belly paint, mole hill
    Don't make mountains out of mole-hills
    Chill out today! Don't make a mountains out of a mole-hills... just enjoy the holiday. Make the necessary adjustments that are required to deal with any overwhelming feelings of impatience or resentment you could be feeling. The natural flow...
  • C.S. Lewis on Scripture
    C S Lewis' view of the Bible
    It is not every day that a young graduate student gets a recommendation from Owen Barfield (a personal friend of C S Lewis), and Clyde S. Kilby (recognized authority on C S Lewis). But this is what happened to Michael J. Christensen in 1979. The...
  • Drawing in progress
    Book review of France Van Stone's 'Sketch!'
    You may have noticed that art classes for children are either disappearing entirely from schools or diminishing in their frequency of being offered. This is sad since children are more likely to believe they can do art successfully before the age...
  • Nimdoma Sherpa distributes aid in Nepal
    Help these women save Nepal
    When it comes to athletic achievement, the Seven Summits Women Team from Nepal is second to none. This elite group of female mountain climbers have scaled the highest peaks in the world, including Everest.They are much more than great athletes....
  • Christian Survival Guide: Seek inspiration and instruction thru available media
    Christian Survival Guide: Seek inspiration and instruction thru available media
    Jesus told stories about fishing, tending flocks, plowing the fields and exchanging money to illustrate key biblical principles, because he lived in a world of fishermen, shepherds, farmers and merchants.In a similar way, we can use various forms...
  • Christian Survival Guide:  Get alongside inspirational Christians
    Christian Survival Guide: Get alongside inspirational Christians
    We live in difficult times and we need to get alongside inspirational Christians to get a clearer perspective on life.Maybe it’s a woman at your church like L.D. In 1990 she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but you couldn’t...
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