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  • Joey & Marc
    'Rewrapped' says ‘Boy, Ar-Dees Good!’ on Food Network
    Tonight's Food Network episode of “Rewrapped” gave three experienced chefs a chance to recreate and innovate the delicious famous Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Beef Ravioli in this episode titled “Boy, Ar-Dees Good!”The judges are;...
  • Innovate Magazine issue 2
    'Innovate' magazine Part 2
    Part two of our coverage of the birth of Innovate!this article focuses on a few emails, that show the gears working of some of today's most brilliant literary minds . A great team of International writers, who are bringing you the close up...
  • Innnovate for examiner
    Organic Synchronicity: How the E-Magazine 'Innovate' was born
    "Innovate"is a new literary and artistic e-magazine, devoted to bringing original and thought- provoking features from established and up-and-coming authors, artists and performers.The team at "Innovate" is trying to pioneer...
  • 3 tips on innovating at work in the 21st century
    3 tips on innovating at work in the 21st century
    Work culture in the USA has transformed itself – dramatically – in the last ten years. Once stability was sought; now continuous change reigns supreme. Conformity was the norm. Now uniqueness is heightened. The corporate ‘drone...
  • Peak Oil, Peak Innovation, and Sustainable Notions
    Peak Oil, Peak Innovation, and Sustainable Notions
    When consumption will only increase and production will only decrease, we've hit peak-oil. It's fairly easy to understand and most economists and resource managers acknowledge and appreciate the importance of the historic event. Much more...
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