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  • Fotolia kids outside
    Help kids gain career knowledge through encouraging exploration outdoors
    In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to see the future of our workforce, our children, becoming highly dependent on technology to the point they are hardly active outdoors. With smartphones and tablets vying for our children’s...
  • President Barack Obama signed initiative 'My Brother's Keeper.'
    President Obama signs massive funded initiative 'My Brother's Keeper'
    It's been a long time coming, and now change is coming to black and Latino young men through an initiative signed by Barack Obama on Thursday, according to the Washington Post.President Barack Obama signed an executive memorandum as young men...
  • National Healthy Eating Day
    Nov. 6 is National Healthy Eating Day
    Statistics show that one in two men and one in three women in this country are at risk for heart disease, with poor lifestyle choices being a major contributing factor. To help in giving Americans an incentive to make the right choices in their...
  • Senator Kurt wants ATF to take lead role in anti-gang initiative
    Senator Kurt wants ATF to take lead role in anti-gang initiative
    Today, U. S. Senator Mark Kurt called on ATF to appoint a Chicago-based anti-gang coordinator for Illinois. In July 2013 Senator Kirk put forth the initiative to curb dangerous gang violence in Illinois and across the nation. His initiative won...
  • Poverty
    Richmond Mayor: Comprehensive poverty needs concentrated approach
    On Tuesday, Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones laid out the city's poverty problems in an open letter in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.Jones pointed out that a quarter of the city's residents are living in poverty with an additional number of...
  • Initiative
    Take the initiative and defeat procrastination
    When conducting my seminars, I often ask leaders, “What social trends are you witnessing that are challenging your ability to effectively lead others?” A common response is, “An acceptance of mediocrity and the lack of initiative...
  • Keeping the Spark!
    5 Tips to keeping the spark in your relationship!
    Women complain frequently that time and life eventually starts to get in the way of their relationship. After awhile, dates are out the window, appearance is no longer a priority and communication is practically nonexistent. The key is making sure...
  • 21st century skills: Taking initiative and thinking like an entrepreneur
    21st century skills: Taking initiative and thinking like an entrepreneur
    Would you like to perform at the top three percent in your professional field? This would mean that your performance tops 97% of the people in your industry.A study described in Steve Siebold's book "177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the...
  • I-1098
    I-1098 ballot measure: Washington state's wealthiest take sides
    Several of Washington state's wealthiest residents have announced this week where they stand on Initiative 1098.The income-tax initiative would create a 5 percent tax rate on annual incoming exceeding $200,000 for individuals and $400,000 for...
  • 2009 Leadership NOW! Retreat - Having a great time!
    Citizen Leaders Arise! Leadership NOW! is your chance. . . Apply Today!
    Leadership Pikes Peak (LPP) is a premier leadership building organization that has been developing leaders in the Pikes Peak region since 1976. If you are between the ages of 22 and 32, you are civic minded and want to make an impact in your...
  • First Lady Michelle Obama at San Diego community garden New Roots
    First Lady Michelle Obama Supports Community Gardening in San Diego
    As part of her initiative to reduce childhood obesity in the U.S., First Lady Michelle Obama is making the rounds to communities, including Chollas Creek in San Diego, to meet the families that live there and contribute to "community gardens...
  • LinksMain.gif
    Linkapalooza 04/13/10
    Links now, links tomorrow, links forever! Unlike the other rising Nevada political stars I've written about who may yet climb out of their downturns, it would seem the noose only continues to tighten around John Ensign's neck. Two Republicans,...
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