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  • Nobody Wants To Stand Up and Say Enough Is Enough
    Nobody Wants To Stand Up and Say Enough Is Enough
    The facts are these, a Malaysian Airliner was shot down over Eastern Ukraine. The Russian backed rebel Separatists are in control of this area and have been for some time. It has been decided that a BUK rocket launcher was used to shoot down the...
  • We have met the enemy, and they are mere babes.
    Taliban offers 8-year-old boy $1 to blow himself up
    What value would you place on a child’s head? If you’re a parent — or at least human — your answer is that a child is priceless, that no amount of money can be substituted for his life.That’s if you’re human. If...
  • Inhumanity Comes to Marvel
    “Inhumanity” Comes to the Marvel Universe
    Via CBR: Coming in December, Marvel will be giving their universe an Inhuman upgrade and according to Entertainment Weekly, the Inhumans will return following the upcoming Infinity event in December called Inhumanity. During this story, Terrigen...
  • Rev. John Rocco Carlo, stands beside a recovered pallet of stolen bottled water.
    NYC police bust men who stole Sandy relief supplies from church
    You might think that stealing supplies meant for the victims of a natural disaster represents a low point, but a pair of miscreants stooped even lower, robbing a church that was a collection point for goods donated to aid victims of Hurricane...
  • Some of the damage inflicteed on NYC-area homes by Sandy
    Homes of Hurricane Sandy victims looted over Thanksgiving
    How morally bankrupt have we become as a nation? There are distressingly many examples you can choose from. But one that demonstrates the sheer depths to which we have collectively sunk is the main thrust of a report out of Breezy Point, Queens...
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