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  • Marijuana
    Marijuana use on the rise among U.S. teens
    Teenagers in the U.S. are smoking more marijuana than they did 10 years ago, according to a report from federal researchers released Dec. 18.The National Institutes of Health-sponsored Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey asked 41,675 eighth-, 10th-...
  • Inhalants
    Is Your Child Abusing Inhalants?
    Inhalant abuse, known as huffing, is the inhalation of chemical vapors for the purpose of getting high. It is a growing form of substance abuse among children between the ages of 12 and 17 and statistics show that more girls than boys engage in...
  • Canned air
    Addiction to inhalants
    All too often addiction to inhalants becomes overshadowed by other drugs like meth and crack cocaine. However, inhalants are just as deadly and even scarier, because they are easier to obtain due to the fact many are sold in many retail stores for...
  • Smarties banned at Grand Rapids school: Kids are inhaling it
    Smarties banned at Grand Rapids school: Kids are inhaling it
    What will kids think of next? School officials believe two popular candies – Smarties and Pixy Stix – are being crushed and the powders inhaled by school children at Northern Hills Middle School in Grand Rapids. Consequently, Smarties...
  • Addicted to inhalants
    Addiction to inhalants
    If you live in Orangeburg, South Carolina and are struggling with an addiction to Inhalants, please contact: The William J. McCord Center, or if you live in South Carolina, please see: South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse...