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Infant Articles - Page 8

Hook on portable high chair

May 2, 2010
Restaurant high chair are gross and covered with germs. Using a hook on high chair like the Chicco Caddy can keep your baby away from those germs. Or if you have a limited amount of living space this...

Mom's Best Support for Baby--Snuggin' Go

April 30, 2010
I always hated it when I put my baby in her car seat and her tiny little head would wobble around and end up tilted in what looked like a very uncomfortable position anytime I turned a corner or hit...

Car Seat Safety - know the basics

April 20, 2010
The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration reports that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children in age groups three to six and eight to 14. Make sure your child is protected in every vehicle in...

Baby those baby teeth

April 16, 2010
Unless you are the parent of one of 2,000 babies born with teeth, you are probably going to be staring at that adorable gummy smile for at least three months. Unless you are the parent of a child with...

Mommy Bear

April 7, 2010
Before birth your baby can hear. The soft, rhythmic, and repetitive sounds babies hear while inside mommy's womb were a comforting part of baby's world before birth. Mommy Bear's rhythmic sounds bring...

Holiday travel with infants

April 1, 2010
Parents love to show off their new baby at holiday family get-togethers. With Easter just around the corner, many families are gearing up to do just that. But traveling with an infant can be stressful whether it is across...

Newborn bathtub that will last

March 30, 2010
Giving a baby at any age a bath is hard work. They squirm, yell, and throw fits somedays and then the next they are as calm as calm can be. Fisher Price is making bath time easier, with...

The benefits of infant massage

March 30, 2010
Infant massage has a large range of benefits. According to Infant Massage USA, massage provides benefits for both babies and parents. Massage can help babies relax and sleep better which is a dream come true for tired new parents. Further...