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  • My precious sister
    Services not covered.
    How many of us have gone to the Doctor hoping beyond hope that whatever fears and concerns we had about our health would somehow magically be alleviated by their years of education and title? after all, is that not why they went to school to begin...
  • The benefits of living a life of individuality
    The benefits of living a life of individuality
    Everyone has heard the old basic concept of "following the crowd". When a person follows the crowd they sacrifice their difference, their individuality, their goals, and at least somewhat, their true self. How following the crowd evolves...
  • IRA
    Individual retirement arrangements (IRAs)
    Individual retirement arrangements, also referred to as IRAs, are tax favored personal savings arrangement’s that allow you to save money for retirement. There are several versions of IRAs that can be set up with a bank, insurance company,...
  • Martin Fourcade skiing
    Fourcade wins second Biathlon Gold medal at Sochi
    Martin Fourcade of France won a second Gold medal today in Biathlon for the Individual event at the Winter Olympics. His time over the 20 kilometer course was 49 minutes, 31.7 seconds despite missing one target. This is his third Olympic medal in...
  • What you should know about Agenda 21 (Video)
    What you should know about Agenda 21 (Video)
    A plan, created by the U.N., and accepted by over 170 world leaders, was adopted by the United States in 1992. In 1995, former President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12858, which created a Presidential Council on ‘Sustainable...
  • The Philosophy of Non-Aggression
    The Philosophy of Non-Aggression
    Over time I have found that endless debates and multi-faceted approaches tend to do more harm than good. For instance, the non-aggression principle is relatively simple, though it is also often over defined and submitted to the endless repertoire...
  • Elementals
    Astrological elements in a birth chart reveal essence of personality
    As soon as it feels as if star gazing is going to cause you to stumble on something you overlooked on the ground, the study of astrology reels everything back into themundane elements. In this casethe elements are taken very seriously for the...
  • Angry mob
    Thinking for yourself is only the beginning
    Straight Edge isn't the first movement to be viewed as a threat by the public. It won't be the last either. The very idea of a "movement" (save for those of the bowels) is generally unwelcome in an established society. A society...
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