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  • Cancun
    Top 7 reasons Mexico is Back
    Mexico has had a difficult time lately, as has other venues for travel (such as cruising). But the experienced traveler is aware that most incidents are isolated or require you to be a smart traveler.There are indications on the horizon that...
  • Austin Ron Paul Rally
    Why are real world progressives so nasty?
    CommentaryWhen President Obama came to Fort Myers, Florida, one (understandably anonymous) freelance writer/editor donned her Ron Paul gear, grabbed her Ron Paul signs and drove her "Ron-Paul-Mobile" downtown to greet the President as ...
  • St. Catherine of Siena American National Catholic Church
    New Independent Catholic Church begins in St Louis, MO
    July 20, 2011 – St. Louis, MO. The American National Catholic Church announced the opening of a new parish in Saint Louis, "Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church." St. Catherine of Siena is an all embracing parish community of...
  • Celtic Cross
    New monastic group growing strong: Celtic “Soul Friends”
    The Wilmington, DE based religious community “Anamchara Fellowship” is continuing to flourish. Founded in 2003 by just 2 women, and canonically recognized by the Episcopal House of Bishops in 2008, this “new monastic” group...
  • Welcome to Goldwood
    Welcome to Goldwood
    The first thing that came to mind when I saw Thomas Bess Jr. aka Goldwood perform was Jimi Hendrix, he stood on the stage with band members with hishands toward the heavens screaming, "The sky is about to open up and swallow all of us!"...
  • Bucky Fuller on Love
    Bucky Fuller explains love
    Love is omni-inclusive,Progressively exquisite,Understanding and tenderAnd compassionately attunedTo other than self. May we all come to realize that the love we seek is here, now.
  • Santa Clarita Valley Secular Homeschoolers
    New secular homeschool group in Santa Clarita
    Good news for secular homeschoolers of Santa Clarita! A new yahoogroup has been started with a focus on homeschooling with a secular approach in Santa Clarita, Castaic, Frazier Park, Agua Dulce, Acton and surrounding areas! The purpose of the...
  • Interfaith
    An interfaith dilemma: Is salvation possible apart from Jesus Christ?
    In her convocation address at United Theological Seminary a few weeks ago, the Rev. Peg Chemberlin, Executive Director of the Minn. Council of Churches and President of the National Council of Churches, said the three major issues raised at the...
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