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  • Park and recreation facility state grant money available in October
    Park and recreation facility state grant money available in October
    In the future, grant money could build new or improve existing playgrounds, trails, campgrounds, or other recreational opportunities in communities throughout Florida. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Florida Recreation...
  • CTA public meeting for Damen station artwork
    CTA public meeting for Damen station artwork (Video)
    Chicago Transit Authority (CTA ) announced today that a public meeting will be held to hear community ideas for the new public art that will be commissioned for the Damen station. Members of the community surrounding the Damen station are invited...
  • Are home improvements tax deductible in 2014, 2015?
    Are home improvements tax deductible in 2014, 2015?
    Even professional contractors can get confused by all the rules and regulations that must be met in order to make home improvement expenses tax deductible. That’s why it’s so important to learn them in advance, not at the last minute...
  • evaluate - adjust
    Tis' the Season to Adjust
    In a season that often brings us to a place of reflection on the reason for it’s existence or distinct memories of the past year leading up to this time, it is fairly easy to spot those areas in our lives that are not so jolly and cheerful,...
  • New observation deck at Aiken's Carolina Bay
    City of Aiken completes improvements at its Carolina Bay Nature Reserve
    The City of Aiken's Carolina Bay Nature Reserve project is at the point of "substantial completion." That's all the "environmental news" that's worth reporting today: The remainder of this column is what might be...
  • Monarch Mountain
    Monarch Mountain follow-up: new and improved for 2012-2013
    Monarch Mountain has begun the first of many improvements proposed in its U.S. Forest Service master plan. Monarch received Forest Service acceptance of the new master plan last November. For more information about the long-range plans at Monarch,...
  • Loveland Snow Cat Rides
    Ski area improvements synopsis for the 2012-2013 ski season
    Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) released a list today of Colorado ski area improvements for the upcoming ski season. So, get your skis shined up, grab a stick of Juicy Fruit, and so forth.Colorado ski resorts are adding new infrastructural...
  • American Ginseng
    American ginseng battles cancer related fatigue
    Rochester Mayo Clinic finds daily doses improves energy levels and well beingAccording to the National Cancer Institute cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can cause fatigue in cancer patients and can affect all areas of life. Many...
  • Re-charge your gadgets in the terminal
    Delta helps you re-charge your gadgets
    Airlines may not let you use your trusted gadgets on take offs and landings, but one airline is making it easier for you to keep your gadgets and devices fully charged and ready for use.That’s why beginningthis and continuing through the...
  • resized_army_soldier.jpg
    Before its too late: keeping in touch
    When you are younger you are always told to watch over your younger brother and or sister. Or, if you are younger, to listento your older brother and or sisiter.You watch each other and the older you get, the closer you get. You develop this bond...
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