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  • Tom Hanks at the premiere of his movie "Larry Crowne"
    Tom Hanks and Community Colleges: Part 1
    The celebrated actor Tom Hanks recently wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times titled, “I Owe It All to Community Colleges.” It caused a stir among community college students. They compared their experiences to that of the actor...
  • The house next door
    What is important?
    At 3 am, I jerked up from a sound of the pounding on the door, and there on the wall from a reflection through the window, was a bright orange glow. I knew immediately that the house next door was a blazing inferno. Grabbing my pants, a sweatshirt...
  • Your own People's Choice Awards
    Your very own People’s Choice Awards
    Think of the five most important people in your life, outside of your family (since this can’t be that tough of a popularity contest). Now imagine that you never met them. Think back to times before you even knew these people. The most...
  • What did you say?
    Effective Communication (Part 3): Delivery is key
    "They (you) just weren't listening." How many times have you heard that statement? Enough times that makes you want to really stop listening? More times than not, when there is an apparent breakdown in communication, the sender ...
  • Are your listening capabilities up to par?
    Effective Communication (Part 2): Listening is more than just hearing
    Scenario #1: “Honey, I need you to make sure to deposit that $200 in the checking account during your lunch break tomorrow. The payment for the electric bill goes through tomorrow.” “Sure thing,” responds the husband while...
  • Say what?!
    Effective Communication (Part 1): understanding the importance of communication
    When was the last time you felt misunderstood in a relationship? When were you last frustrated because you thought they meant “this” instead of “that”; or you were blamed for not knowing what another person was feeling...
  • Teach kids the value of money while they're young
    Teaching moments: teach your kids the value of money
    No matter how much money your family makes, it's always good to teach kids the value of money. In our economy today many people can't afford a lot of the things they may want and think they need. Sometend to go into debt buying all the...
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