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  • Chart calculator
    33% of Americans say they’ve been personally hurt by Obamacare
    The results of a new Rasmussen poll released yesterday reveal that 33% of U.S. voters now say their health insurance coverage has changed as a result of Obamacare, and the same pecentage say the change has been for the worse.Favorable opinions of...
  • Treasure Coast implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
    Treasure Coast implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
    Treasure Coast and the Palm Beach County school districts are all in preparation for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Palm Beach County all have information on their websites for...
  • Obamacare
    Fate of Obamacare lies with cost to average Americans
    Is the price tag to middle Americans too high?A disturbing cost analysis emerged from the Manhattan Institute addressing the impact of the Affordable Care Act in terms of cost to Middle Class or average Americans. Consider these two factors:1....
  • Healthcare law
    Add another delay in implementing federal health care law
    Some news sources on Thursday are wondering if President Barack Obama's administration is going to be ready to implement the new healthcare law on October 1 as planned.Yet another delay has been announced by the Department of Health and Human...
  • House Ways and Means Committee members
    How Obama gets away with straw man arguments against Republicans
    President Barack Obama is becoming famous for issuing straw man arguments to represent his opponents’ positions, but how much of that is political posturing, and how much of it does he actually believe? It’s quite possible, some have...
  • BHO
    BHO blusters his way through, again
    Yesterday, Obama took a few minutes away from the royal vacation to give us the ‘straight’ scoop about ObamaCare, after exempting all members of Congress and illegally delaying the implementation of the employer mandate. (&ldquo...
  • Obamacare overload
    Online government gets true test with Obamacare
    Sandhya Somashekhar wrote this afternoon in the Washington Post about the challenge in assisting millions of persons with help in signing on for health insurance. Having studied the situation exhaustively, I can attest that this is the train wreck...
  • Affordable Care Act
    Affordable Healthcare Act implementation moves forward
    Last week’s hiccup was the announcement that the large employer mandate would be delayed a year. The consequences of that are apparently negligent for the near term.Uninsured citizens will receive affordable care as planned through the...
  • ACA
    To what extent is Affordable Care Act implementation at risk?
    The reinvented American healthcare system has many moving parts as it manages many variables. Its complexity is comparable to the tax code that Congress and the American people want to replace with something simpler. Some have suggested that maybe...
  • Affordable Care Law
    'Ignorant Americans' don't know what's next in health care
    Public opinion polls say that we Americans are “ignorant about the Affordable Helathcare Law and how it operates.” Knowing that is the case, how about President Obama and the Health & Human Services Department just explain it? Well...
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