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IKEA Articles - Page 2

IKEA selling Chinese solar panels

October 2, 2013
IKEA stores, to be run on 100 percent renewables by 2020, announced on October 1, 2013 that it began selling Chinese solar panels in its Lakeside Store in Southampton, UK. Itwill carry them in its other 17 British...

Ikea Seattle: A surprisingly fun family outing

September 30, 2013
When considering fun things to do with the family, a visit to a massive furniture store may not be your first thought. During the rainy season, though, IKEA Seattle, located at 601 SW 41st St., Renton, may be just what...

Assorted tips and ideas from the 2014 IKEA catalog

September 25, 2013
Wall-mounted cabinets can literally free up much-needed floor space. Adding Patrull corner bumpers will make those cabinet corners less sharp.With a removable and machine-washable cover, the sofa can cope with any kind of activity.Layering rugs...

Sell Catalogs On Ebay For A Nice Profit

August 27, 2013
For some reason, my wife Amy gets really excited whenever a catalog comes in the mail. She likes to look through them again and again, pointing out items that she wants. Some items we end up getting, but...

Insulation complete, moving onto drywall

July 22, 2013
When doing drywall expect a mess. After insulating and vapour barrier was complete Chris began the task he hated the most, drywall. Deb began by clearing an area large enough to hold 120 sheets of 1/2 inch...

Cashing in on the Fun of April Fools' Day

April 2, 2013
While April Fools’ Day is the traditional holiday to play pranks on your friends and family, it has recently also became an opportunity for major companies to playfully get attention to their brand.This year, for example, such...

Meatballs return to IKEA after horse meat scandal

March 23, 2013
On Thursday, March 21, 2013 Anna Ringstom of Reuters reported furniture retailer IKEA’s trademark meatballs are returning to the company’s food menu after last month’s controversial horse meat scare.In February, IKEA...

Well I’ll be a horse’s…

March 5, 2013
Recently the world was shocked when it was discovered furniture giant IKEA was serving their famous Swedish meatballs laced with horse meat. Well I’ll be a horse’s patootie. They have since removed the meatballs...