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  • All or Nothing
    Searching for our ideal selves in Ibsen
    Stratford, CT has its Shakespeare festival; New Orleans fetes Tennessee Williams. Here in the land of ten times 10,000 Norwegians, Minnesotans need to go outside the Twin Cities to celebrate the legacy of playwright Henrik Ibsen.Starting Friday...
  • 5 Important steps to achieve your ultimate goal
    5 Important steps to achieve your ultimate goal
    Entrepreneurs have goals of creating successful companies.Some elect this path because they wish to make money while others have a desire to change their lifestyle and work for themselves.People seeking jobs may be out of work or they may want to...
  • "Face Of Beautiful Woman" by Graeme Weatherston
    Red Palm oil and healthy skin
    Red Palm oil comes from the fruit pulp of a plant. It grows atop a palm tree. It is good for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases-It protects the body. Red Palm oil lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It is rare but...
  • Flower of Life
    Daily Inspiration from Expect Wonderful - June 11, 2012
    Seeds of many ideals exist within our civilization. Embrace what you are drawn toward and then envision and draw forth the highest vision for expression that you can create.Life at the Ideafrontier.Expect Wonderful by Meredith MurphyIdeas for...
  • Chicken Soup
    Christmas gifts for recovering addicts
    Recovering addicts need a wide assortment of support from their friends and loved ones. Some gifts that may be ideal for an addict is things that keep them busy, inspired and on the right path. Knowing that your friends and family are there to...
    The beauty of the skin by the orchids
    It is a pleasure to be beautiful using orchids intensive care, is not new. For more than a century, this plant has had a knack, the feat to embellish the skin. It fascinates us with its different colors andits sweet fragrance. Tropical orchids are...
  • resized_000_0043_1.jpg
    Holistic weight loss
    Losing weight is never easy, here is one recommendation for local programs that can help you but only if your ready to commit to the program and you qualify. To choose a holistic weight loss plan you have to choose a holistic weight loss...
  • Roasted Turkey
    How to roast the ideal Thanksgiving turkey
    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to show our thanks to everyone in our family and in our lives. Having the ability to create a large delicious feast that reminds us of how fortunate we are is a great way to Illustrate the point. We all...
  • Michelangelo's David
    Nature's ideal male
    "Power is the ultimateaphrodisiac" Henry KissingerJust as men have been conditioned over thousands of years to zero in on certain cues in women that signify health and fertility, so too have women. However women are less concerned about ...
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