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  • Girl denied passport because her name is 'Harriet'
    Girl denied passport because her name is 'Harriet'
    According to the Huffington Post on Monday, a ten-year-old Icelandic girl was denied a passport. The reason might shock you. The Icelandic girl was couldn't get a passport because her name is "Harriet." The country recently denied...
  • Designer Shopping in Iceland
    Iceland: Designer Shopping in Reykjavik
    As a professional shopper myself, I always like to take the first day of my trip and acclimate to the city and the local fashion. Iceland is no exception. Don't be fooled by the fact that it is a remote island. This island is located between...
  • New Pond Farm
    New Pond Farm fleece sale
    New Pond farm is an educational working farm in West Redding, CT. The Romney ewe sheep all lambed in late March. Most of the lambs have beautiful dark wool – like their father, a natural colored Romney. The lambs and their mothers are...
  • Volcano_3.jpg
    Icelandic Volcano: Ash backwards
    The ash cloud from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano has grown in recent days and now measures some 2,000 miles long and 1,200 miles wide. Ash from the volcano was observed at 14,000-17,000 ft. but in some instances as high as 20.000...
  • Latest ash cloud map - this time at a much lower altitude
    European flights resume: Skies expected to be fully open by tomorrow
    Eurocontrol, the European Air Traffic Agency has stated that almost 100% of flights will operate in Europe tomorrow. It expected 22,500 flights, or 80%, to take place today, compared with about 28,000 that would normally be scheduled. Most (though...
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