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  • Internet addiction interferes with one's life and ability to function
    Internet addiction? There's a hospitalization program for that.
    Internet addiction is classified by excessive use of the internet and electronic gaming coupled with negative consequences and disruption of psychosocial functioning. Prevalence studies are scarce since the diagnosis is not recognized in the the...
  • burning money
    Why more than 30 percent of mobile advertising dollars are wasted
    According to a May 22 Advertising Age report, about 30 percent of desktop ads and an even higher percentage of mobile ads are a total waste of money.That has nothing whatever to do with the quality, effectiveness or targeting of the ads themselves...
  • Steve Jobs
    iAd: Steve Jobs' last blunder
    Apple just announced it's slashing the annual minimum commitment for advertising on its iAd mobile ad system. Again.Now a mere $100,000 annual commitment lets advertisers run campaigns in iPhone and iPad applications. While that's a...
  • iAd icon
    Apple iAds will no longer be in apps targeted towards children
    Mike Zornek is a developer of the app “Dex” which is used to browse Pokémon on the iPhone. Dex can be downloaded as a free app with ad-support which is primarily using the iAd system and he claims to have had great success&hellip...
  • iAd Gallery
    Apple rejects app for violating SDK policy, then releases its own version
    Follow me on Twitterandon Facebook"Do as I say, not as I do." Apple has just released an app into the App Store that theoretically violates its App Store policies, and should have been rejected.Worse, Apple recently rejected a very...