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  • Going green while painted blue: 2013 Chevrolet Volt
    Going green while painted blue: 2013 Chevrolet Volt
    In some ways, the 2013 Chevy Volt is better than an electric car, because it is not an electric car. The Volt belongs in a new class of car called plug-in hybrids. For a simple explanation, a plug-in hybrid runs on pure electric power for a...
  • Hypermiling for better gas mileage
    The science of hypermiling (Part 2)
    There are many different techniques to use when committing to hypermiling with your vehicle. Someone once described a way to hyper mile by nailing a bunch of nails through a board so that the pointy tips are sticking out, then attach it to your...
  • Model showing off luxury car.
    The science of hypermiling (Part 1)
    Hypermiling is the new craze among car enthusiasts around the world. With high gasoline prices the past few years, drivers have been trying to find a way to increase their fuel efficiency. Automobile makers have cut the manufacturing of low...
  • MiHG2012Oct
    High mileage: it isn’t just for hybrids any more
    Hybrids aren’t the only cars offering previously unheard of mileage among 2013 cars, Wayne Gerdes told the October 13 meeting of Drive $mart Wisconsin, formerly the Milwaukee Hybrid Group. The 2013 VW Passat TDI and Jetta, the Hyundai...
  • Prius V
    Hybrid Group transitions to Drive $mart Wisconsin in Dec. meet at Andrews Toyota
    Milwaukee Hybrid Group completed its transition to the broader theme, Drive $mart Wisconsin, with a December 17 meeting at Andrews Toyota on West Silver Springs Avenue, featuring test drives of the new Toyota Prius V, and the latest Camry Hybrid....
  • Hybrids in a row
    Hybrid Group inside report on LA Auto Show, battery replacement, winterizing
    The thirtieth meeting of the Milwaukee Hybrid Group (MiHG) on Saturday December 18 featured Wayne Gerdes's eagerly anticipated report on the Los Angeles Auto Show, lively discussion of new projects for the five year old organization, and...
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