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  • Edible greens
    Edible greens add beauty and bounty to container gardens
    Summer is officially upon us, and warm days might mean your pansies and other cooler weather-loving plants are probably wilting. To jazz up your container gardens, increase your nutrition and decrease your grocery bill, pop some edible greens into...
  • Grow delicious fresh produce at home with hydroponics
    Grow delicious fresh produce at home with hydroponics
    Hydroponics allows people to produce fresh produce at home even if they don't have a patch of ground suitable for a garden. Growing plants in containers with only nutrient-infused water provides a method of hydro-culture where the grower...
  • Rhodesdale Farm grows wholesome, local, good food.
    Local Farmers Markets and eating local
    I received a wonderful article recently on the benefits of eating locally from Trish Strawn at Growing Synergy, LLC and felt like it should be published for everyone to enjoy.Around Charlotte the 7th Street Public Market is a wonderful place to...
  • sam & papa
    Buy local to feed your family
    Are you interested in locally grown foods? Visit Greenfield Berry Farm, 2485 Major Road in Peninsula, where products are Certified Naturally Grown. Their motto is farm food “grown right - and right nearby!"What is available in August?...
  • veggies USDA
    Farmers Markets provide healthy foods, nutrition through fresh, home grown produ
    It’s National Farmers Market Week. Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced last Friday a 9.6 percent increase in National Farmers Market Directory listings as the kickoff to National Farmer's Market Week. The U.S....
  • 3 delicious dishes using fresh tomatoes from the garden
    3 delicious dishes using fresh tomatoes from the garden
    For most gardeners, summer brings an abundance of tomatoes. It’s a time filled with canning, freezing, dehydrating and creating wonderful soups, salads and sauces, in addition to finding new ways to use your bountiful crop. If you’ve...
  • Firestone's Home Grown Sweet Corn
    Firestone's Home Grown Sweet Corn
    Firestone’s Home Grown Sweet CornBy Dana StrangerIt’s summer time and the sweet corn is in. If you want butter and sugar sweet corn, then Firestone’s Home Grown Sweet Corn is where you get it. Firestone’s sets up daily at...
  • Herbs and spices - Basil
    Herbs and spices - Basil
    Basil, a member of the mint family can be purchased ground or as whole leaves. The leaves of this herb can grow up to 1 ½ inches long and were found in the United States, India and Western Europe. Basil is mildly aromatic providing foods a...
  • Tomato
    High tech gadgets for your garden
    Now that the frost is dissappearing and everthing is starting to warm up, it's time to start planting vegetables here in the south. Whether you actually have a garden outside, or even if you grow your plants in pots, here are a few nice high...
  • resized_P7170273.jpg
    Wild Pennsylvania blueberries, blueberry recipes and the obsessed blueberry picker
    Anyone taking a country drive through rural Pennsylvania or the Pocono Mountains must have noticed the brimming blueberry bushes along side of the road. The region's early summer must have agreed with the many varieties of wild blueberry crops...
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