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  • Mitsuwa's Hokkaido Festival
    Mitsuwa's Hokkaido Festival
    In late September, Mitsuwa in Torrance had with colorful banners and splashy signs--not for obon, these lively displays were for their Hokkaido festival.Most people know Hokkaido as the second largest island of the four main islands that comprise...
  • d8WkEy64ir3BILaby-DYnY_640x480.jpg
    Goryokaku park play
    m.jpgShine Tomorrow a Castle of the StarEvery August the citizens of Hakodate put on a play in the park about the history of Goryokaku Fort. Everyone involved in the annual project works on a volunteer basis. The play usually shows on the weekends...
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    Furano - Tomita flower farm
    Area 3.jpgFurano is just below the town of Biei in Hokkaido and is famous for beautiful flower farms. One of the most popular farms in Furano is Tomita farm.Although you can visit this area most of the year, July is the best month to see the...
  • bN55qY6Xar3zxOaby-DYnY_640x480.jpg
    m.jpg A short train ride from Furano is a town called Biei. This town is famous for its rolling hills and beautiful seasons. m.jpg How to get thereIf you are coming from Sapporo, you can catch a couple different routes. It's recommended to take...
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    Onuma Quasi National Park
    m.jpg Onuma Quasi National Park is in Hokkaido and about a 25 minute train ride from Hakodate.Although there are plenty of activities to do here, walking around the lakes is by far the most popular. Mount Komagatake is an impressive view year...
  • 100_0739.JPG
    Sapporo snow festival
    m.jpgSapporo is the largest city in Hokkaido and hosts a great snow festival in Japan every February. With the help of artists and the local SDF force (Japanese army), detailed sculptures and statues are available in Odori Park for a week. There...
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