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  • Your knee pain can be coming from your hips
    Your knee pain can be coming from your hips
    Have you experienced knee pain while running? While there may be an issue with the knee, a good place to look for the cause of pain is in the hip region. If the muscles surrounding your hips and pelvis are weak, there may be increased stress...
  • "New Mexico State Fair" 2014
    'New Mexico State Fair' 2014 Tuesday schedule for 'Indian Village' on Sept. 16
    The “New Mexico State Fair” runs from Sept. 10-21, 2014 at Albuquerque. Today is Tuesday Sept. 16 & the weather calls for partly cloudy with 50% chance of rain at 79 degrees.The state fair gate opens every day at 10 a.m. / Hours...
  • Baddie Winkle
    Meet Baddie Winkle; Twitter’s Hippest Granny Who Is Taking The Internet By Storm
    I was recently visiting with some friends, playing Cards Against Humanity like any normal person, when randomly between giving the “Academy Award for ‘Not Giving A Shit About The Third World’” and a beer, one of friends...
  • MC Kitchen: Heady, Hip and Enticing
    MC Kitchen: Heady, Hip and Enticing
    The foodie circuit grapevine has been touting the new Italian restaurant called MC Kitchen, located in the Design District. The entrance, snuggled in between ‘hip’ furniture galleries of the District, has just a small yellow sign and a...
  • Xtreme Protective Smartphone Belt Clip Carrier
    Tech Review: Xtreme Protective Smartphone Belt Clip Carrier
    There are a lot of carrying cases out on the market for iPhone and Android, but few of them are as cross-compatible with both or offer as much rugged rubberized shock resistant protection as the Xtreme Protective Carrier by Qmadix. The case will...
  • joint replacment surgery
    Joint replacement surgery ups risk for heart attack
    Total hip and knee replacement ups risk to 30-fold two weeks after surgeryTotal hip replacement (THR) and total knee replacement (TKR) surgeries were associated with an increased risk acute myocardial infraction (heart attack) in the first two...
  • Tissue stiffness in the diabetic
    Tissue stiffness in the diabetic
    Everybody, at some point in their life, will get stiff muscle tissue. It can be from working all day, training, or age but regardless of who you are, at some point you will get stiff. What this means is that you will have some sort of muscular...
  •   	 Arthritic knees, X-ray
    Osteoarthritis In Hips or Knees No Benefits From Supplements
    National sold nutritional supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin, provide no aide to patients with osteoarthritis in their knees or hips, according to examination of past research.The supplements either by themselves or in combination with...
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