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  • Picking up litter on the side of Texas highways is expensive
    Each piece of litter discarded on Texas highways costs one dollar to pick up
    Some people continue to mess with Texas and the cost to pick up their litter is more than one dollar per piece of trash, so says the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Texans spend over $47 million each year to clean up debris and trash...
  • Gas prices keep climbing
    Raising the gas tax makes no sense
    Have you noticed the spike in gas prices around here? How would you like to pay an additional 12 cents on top of that?Sens. Bob Corker (R-TN) and Chris Murphy (D-CT) have a proposal that calls for hiking gasoline and diesel taxes by six cents in...
  • U.S. Highway 41 Graphics Montage
    U.S. highway 41 is near 8, Chicago-land golf facilities
    At its southern end, U.S. Highway 41 begins within 5 miles of the Biltmore Golf Course in Coral Gables, Fla. At its northern end, U.S. Highway 41 officially ends within 25 miles of Houghton, Mich., which is less than 50 miles from Lake Superior....
  • Motorcyclists not feeling the love
    Motorcyclists not feeling the love
    If you are a motorcyclist, you are a part of a growing number. A growing number of complainants in various municipalities, that is. You see, bikers are growing increasingly impatient with states, cities and townships that refuse to extend the same...
  • The Post Nayam Collective
    Post Natyam Collective premieres Subversive Gestures at Highway's
    Interested in lesbian courtesan fantasies; how about gender-bending super heroines, then Subversive Gestures just might be the show for you.Post Natyam Collective members Cynthia Ling Lee and Shyamala Moorty will present an evening of...
  • New Highway Construction, But No Repairs
    Pennsylvania Legislature Passes Public/Private Transportation Bill
    Saturday, June 30, Pennsylvania’s legislature passed and sent to Governor Tom Corbett a measure setting up a seven member state panel to approve transportation projects funded by a mixture of public and private money. Though the bill, if...
  • How Road Signs Should Look
    The better direction on Colorado highways
    If you've exhausted yourself and your engine with boredom, fear no more -- for driving around Colorado, behold a list of the best highways in Colorado for driving down a curve:1. E-470E-470 is a toll way. therefor fun is limited from the toll...
  • Highway Budget Cuts
    Chicago Area Road Funding Cut 16.3%
    Money for repair and reconstruction of state maintained roads in the Chicago area will be cut 16.3% for the next six years, according to the IDOT austerity surface transportation plan released Monday, April 30. Last year’s six year IDOT plan...
  • Highway
    Oshawa-based group wants highway speed limits boosted by 30 km/h
    Toronto -For years now, the speed limit on Ontario highways, such as its 400-series, is 100 km/h. If a driver is caught exceeding the limit by between 16 and 29 km/h, themotorist receives three demerit points.An Oshawa-based group
  • Gas costs
    Texas consumers should report gas pump fraud to Agriculture Dept hotline
    Jacob Stephens was pulled into a “Mom and Pop” gas station near Seguin “to fill up my tank because it was so cheap, but now I know why it was so cheap.”“I was barely down the road a few miles when my truck started...
  • New SR 417 Exit in Sanford/Heathrow
    SR 417 is a commuter's dream: The newest exit opens in Sanford/Heathrow
    Everywhere motorists drive in Central Florida—whether to the Orlando International Airport or through Seminole County—there is endless construction. On December 14, one construction project concluded with the opening of SR 417's...
  • Challenges to US Trucking
    Jason's law would protect America's truck drivers
    Trucks parked along America's highways can be deadly. Professional drivers have been robbed and killed which led to the idea for Jason's law."America's professional truck drivers need access to safe and legal parking in order to...
  • Ohio Senate
    Senators OKs 2-year $7B transport budget; 3P, design-build among new features
    COLUMBUS, Ohio (CGE) - The Ohio Senate Wednesday unanimously approved a two-year $7 billion transportation budget supporters touted as an proactive approach to deal with the state's budget crisis, that will create jobs by putting creative...
  • Highway 11
    Old U.S. 11 important to state, Birmingham
    Back in the 50s when I was growing up the quickest and “most scenic route” from Chattanooga, Tennesseeto Meridian, Mississippi was Highway 11, a portion of which runs through Birmingham.Along the way, depending if you were traveling...
  • I-70 @ Floyd Hill
    Caution: Beware of I-70 sun glare
    The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is reminding drivers who travel Interstate 70 about the yearly sun glare problem in the Floyd Hill vicinity. From early November through early February, morning drivers who commute I-70 eastbound up...
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