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  • swelo - Helvetica
    swelo: Merging and Blending Genres
    Blending elements of multiple genres, swelo, is making a lively statement with his album, Helvetica. Full of soul, funk and perhaps every type of music that one can imagine, the album is interesting to listen to for its innovative conception....
  • Swelo
    Reddit sensation Swelo continues to challenge genres with ‘Helvetica’
    Electro-synthpop/ethereal-hip hop. This may not have been a musical genre before, but it certainly can be now.Swelo — pronounced “sway-lo,” a homage to his former band, Sweat Lodge Records — is a 24-year-old teacher from...
  • Mike Parker, ‘Godfather’ of Helvetica font dies; helped make words easy to read
    Mike Parker, ‘Godfather’ of Helvetica font dies; helped make words easy to read
    Mike Parker died at age 84 and offered up something to the world we see almost every day. The man designed the Helvetica font and offered up an easier to read type font for the world to use. According to CNN on Thursday, Mike Parker was 84 when he...
  • Good trends at Helvetica
    Good trends at Helvetica (Photos)
    For some, Helvetica’s trendy name is enough to yield their interest in trying Lakewood’s new Latin-inspired lunch and dinner café. However, not all trends are bad, and those who choose to pass on this fresh and flavorful venue simply...
  • Univers Sample
    Helvetica substitute: Univers
    Ever get tired of seeing Helvetica everywhere? I know I am. There are plenty of other good alternatives to an industrial-clean sans serif such as GeoSans or Univers.Univers was designed in 1954 by Adrian Frutiger on Swiss principles--Helvetica is...