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  • Water Vapor imagery(evening of 4/28/14)
    Heavy Rain Possible In The Next 24-48 Hours
    We reached 64 at Philly International before clouds and rain began in the late afternoon; rain will continue overnight with lows around 50 and stay there around the lower 50s come Tuesday. This is all from the same storm system that produced...
  • Water Vapor imagery(evening of 3/29/14)
    A Wet Weekend Continues With A Soaking Sunday
    What a dreary day, but at least it wasn't snow! We reached a high of 55 at 5am while we spent most of the day in the middle and upper 40s thanks to the rain. Officially at Philly International as of the 5:30pm climatology report about 3/4 of...
  • Lady Gaga wears meat, packs on the pounds and gets stoned
    Lady Gaga wears meat, packs on the pounds and gets stoned
    At Lady Gaga’s Monday concert in Amsterdam, her outfit consisted of a meat corset complete with meat thong. And nothing short of a perfectionist, her outfit was topped off with meat booties.Certainly this is not the first time the singer has...
  • Proenza Schouler-Heavy Shirtdress
    Proenza Schouler-Heavy Shirtdress
    The 'Heavy Shirtdress' by Proenza Schouler is a definite style staple and can be worn as a simple style at work or a dress on a fine evening out. The dress is shaped and resembles the classic dress shirt with a pointed collar. The top yoke...
  • Current weather map: 8:00AM Sep 22, 2011
    Mainly dry today, heavy rain possible in Akron on Friday
    High pressure will briefly build across northeastern Ohio today. Under its influence, it should be mainly dry today with partly cloudy skies expected in Akron. Highs today will be around 70 degrees.By tonight, upper level low pressure will be...
  • Queensrÿche - Dedicated to Chaos
    Queensrÿche's Upcoming Album: Will it fly or will it flop?
    Queensrÿche is an infamous name in the heavy metal community these days, it seems. And it's easy to see why. Ever since Chris DeGarmo left the group after their "Hear in the Now Frontier" album (and after his reunion with the group...
  • Heavy premiered on A&E
    Heavy premiered on A&E
    Tom and Jodi were featured on the first Heavy episode that aired January 17, 2011.Tom weighs 638 lbs. He has lymphedema and high blood pressure.Jodi weighs 367 lbs. and has had a stroke. If she weren't self-concious about her weight, she would...
  • Jodi and trainers
    A&E series 'Heavy' doesn't take obesity lightly
    There are no cupcake challenges, no dance competitions, no sassy attitudes and no big cash prize. Instead, the series Heavy, which premieres tonight at 10 on A&E, follows 22 morbidly obese people as they lose weight over 6 months.The premiere...
  • tom
    Food addiction - Dr. Oz and A&E's Heavy both tackle the topic today
    Two tv shows airing today (January 17, 2011) both tackle the issue of food addiction, a condition that some experts are now saying is every bit as real as other addictions such as gambling, drugs and alcohol.Dr. Oz (shown three times in San Jose...
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